The compressor that Shu Le belongs to coin to produce with Yu

Published on 2019-07-02

Chief inspector of bureau of world multilateral coinage assembles in Mexican city, attend what during coming 17 days on May 11, 2014, hold ” chief inspector of bureau of coinage of the 28th world is met ” . Experts concern new-style alloy, color money and strengthened the topic such as the technology that prevent bogus to spread out to discuss. This conference journey still includes to look around be located in st. louis Botuoxi (í of San Luis Potos) Mexican mint, this factory used tens of equipment a future life of Tai Shule to produce distinct size than all alone and distributing money.

Divide convention fall outside word engine and press of much essence of life rolling by the side of Dui of makings product line, brim, this factory still owns a special facility at the same time: The course is special machine of embossing of constructional MRV300 metal. This is first can undertake ” 3 metals coin ” press of essence of life. Compare with 1 euro and photograph of 2 euro coin, 3 metals coin has two outer shroud all round core inside, is not. This machine uses perpendicular design, need what one pace working procedure can finish coin to press only close, embossing operation.

In addition, machine of the MRV300 of this Shu Le that Mexican mint uses embossing is produced can can achieve minutely 500 coin, produce Yamawen to change souvenir badge with a future life. On the conference that this You Shule sponsors, the person that attend the meeting still discussed to concern further how to come to 3 metals coin promote the topic such as the sex that prevent bogus as currency.