National science and technology is great and special ”

Published on 2019-07-02

In June 2014 5 ~ 6 days, group of 2 machine tools assumes Jinan ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” national science and technology is great and special — ” large servo compressor ” the project is mixed through checking and accept in Dalian appraisal. This project relies on the home that provides for factory of Dalian of strange luck car compressor of first 25000kN large servo, achieved the new breakthrough of homebred punch technology, to breaking monopoly of market of foreign high end, drive indigenous auto industry to equip to be changed independently have important sense.

Country of have the aid of urges action specially greatly again, the research that 2 machine tools took the lead in developing servo compressor technology in home mixes Jinan application. This acceptable compressor of 25000kN large servo, in advocate emulation imitate of curve of motion of drive of analyse of credit of transmission system motivation, servo and control system design, servo is optimized, mat of numerical control model develops malfunction of design, equipment to be diagnosed oneself reach the key such as long-range monitoring significant progress is obtained on the technology, can satisfy a car to make high strenth armor plate, aluminium alloy board the form cutting that waits for new material. Its development is successful, it is 2 machine tools are in Jinan to master and apply thin double arm to send makings punch technology, large multitask quickly on the foundation of compressor technology, in the another new breakthrough of punch technology domain, also indicate a technology of homebred car punch and international latest technology came true to conform to develop with synchronism in the round at the same time.

Check and accept meeting and appraisal to be able to believe ministry and organization of union of Chinese machinist trade to hold by labour respectively. Nearly 20 experts that come from labour to believe user of place of courtyard of ministry, mechanical federation, scientific research, car attended the meeting. The member that the expert is comprised was listening to final accounting of revenue and expenditure of project finance affairs and technical working report, examined relevant check and accept a data, saw the moving case that the product is in factory of Dalian of strange luck car on the spot, after to the task medium concerned problem has inquiry, agree consistently to pass check and accept. Made following appraisal conclusion to the project at the same time: “Main specifications index achieves this large servo compressor congener product international is advanced level. The successful development of the project competes to improving manufacturing industry of our country equipment actual strength has important sense, have wide applied perspective. ” at the beginning of this year, 2 machine tools are Jinan again wide steam provided product line of compressor of first 2000 tons of servo by the group that use a car.

So far, 13 when in Jinan group of 2 machine tools assumes ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” national science and technology is great and special in, already had 5 projects through checking and accept.