Group of Shandong grand peaceful builds machine tool of high

Published on 2019-07-02

A few days ago, the machine tool of large numerical control that group of Shandong grand peaceful drafts to invest level of world of 610 million yuan of construction creates base — ” Qingdao carries gallop heavy industry is mechanical ” . Current, this project already included industry of Qingdao city key the item, be taken seriously by height of Qingdao municipal government.
As we have learned, this base is located in city of Qingdao rubber state to face harbor industry garden, project total floor area 166 thousand square metre. Door of dragon of planer-type milling machine of double housing planer of milling machine of milling machine of boring of door of dragon of main treatment production numerical control, be born boring, numerical control, numerical control, numerical control the machine tool of large numerical control such as machining center, compressor opening type, predicting project year sales revenue 900 million yuan, implementation profit tax 96 million yuan. First phase project invests 150 million yuan, 2 period the project invests 400 million yuan, workshop floor area 25 thousand square metre.
Additional as we have learned, qingdao carried a few days ago gallop the 100 numerical control of XK2136 × of research and development of heavy industry machine machining center and milling machine of boring of door of dragon of XK2740 numerical control pass mill of dragon door boring user Thailand amounts to letter machinery company to check and accept. Carry gallop the XK27 series product of heavy industry research and development, used advanced mobile synchronism technology, bearing those who carry is static press the technology that prop up, and system of smooth, machine, report, fluid, air is compositive a series of advanced techniques such as control, the fixed position precision of axis of its X, Y, Z, W, advanced level that repeats fixed position precision to obtain domestic and international congener product, head of accessory matching AC can achieve 5 axes linkage. The development of this series product is successful, for carry gallop heavy industry is grinding of hair have international to precede compound machining center accumulated Che Xi of door of numerical control dragon valuable experience.