Compressor of machinery of machine tool adding up to forge p

Published on 2019-07-02

Recently, the Hefei city that bureau of Hefei city science and technology shuts Inc. of forge machine tool to assume to Hefei innovates independently major project undertook checking and accept.

Expert group is listened to add up to forge Zhang Lanjun of assistant chief engineer tackles key problem to this project technology, the project is carried out, capital uses the detailed report that waits for a circumstance, after making an on-the-spot investigation to the project carries out the spot and watch prototype on the spot subsequently, examined relevant document, mix through serious inquiry discuss, the result that achieves on this project to adding up to forge expressed sufficient affirmation, agree consistently to pass check and accept.

This project captured full automatic change different of model, 5 axes to wait for crucial technology to mat of drawing of hydraulic pressure of transmission, numerical control, promoted the core of the enterprise competitive capability. Project achievement already was in the unit such as car, auspicious car uses Biyadi, systematic performance advanced, on the safe side, user report is favorable.

This project already won 4 patent and award of third class of progress of science and technology of the Anhui province, already accumulative total offers more than 110 to cover a product to the market, fill the blank that mechanical compressor product produces inside the Anhui province, to relevant car, home appliance, light industrial waited for an industry to provide form a complete set of great technology equipment, rose to cast greatly, solder, the technical level of the fundamental equipment manufacturing industry such as accurate treatment, drove the development of industry of relevant form a complete set, increase obtain employment chance, to the technology of mechanical compressor industry progress also removes a demonstrative belt to move action.