The compressor opening type that raise force group produces

Published on 2019-07-02

Came 15 days on March 14, 2011, the machine in Beijing organization of limited company of certificate of quality evaluates sincere line of business group group 2 people, the compressor opening type that produces to limited company of group of Jiangsu raise force (attrition clutch) , 200KN ~ 1250KN opens type compressor (rigid clutch) undertook product certification answer judge. Evaluation group basis ” freewill sex attestation carries out product of forging press instrument byelaw ” , ” factory quality makes sure ability asks ” file of system of management of quality of the force that reach raise, mix from personnel duty and attributive, file record, purchase and process of receiving inspection, production and process examine, routine examines and affirm examine and 10 respects such as the consistency of attestation product, examine and verify the ministry that taste a canal, supply place, content to be in charge of force of place and raise power machine tool, raise to weigh chance of essence of force of machine, raise 3 careers group qualitative check is in and produce workshop spot.

The basis evaluates order arrangement, after draw-out prototype undertakes type experiments at the beginning of March, evaluation group undertakes quality makes sure ability is checked manufacturing the spot, through quizing, examine a document, accord with record, spot of observation and manufacturing workshop, storehouse sample dog, think: The product that batch of limited company of raise force group produces has the factory of as eligible as type experiment product consistency to assure ability, pass product certification all the time answer judge, agree to recommend register.

Group around attends what attestation answer reviews an activity to have: Smooth, Zhang Jun, Qiu Mingsong, Wang Daping, Sun Chaojun, Zhu Debao, Fu Jianzhong, Zhong Taisheng, Xialiang gives birth to Gu Dong, Nie Yuhai, in fact, participation process is the process of study, it is the process that understanding improves more.