Combined forging with annual capacity of 600 sets of numeric

Published on 2019-07-02

On May 10th, hefei forging group invested 100 million yuan, in bengbu anhui bengbu press set up subsidiary manufacturing co., LTD., the annual output of 600 sets of numerical control press ground-broken projects at the same time in bengbu city high-tech zone.This is bengbu high-tech zone construction since the beginning of the year the tenth industrial investment projects.

entitled “the cradle of Chinese fast hydraulic press manufacture” reputation of hefei forging press group, is a competitive trans-regional large-scale export-oriented machine tool manufacturing industry group.The group production of more than 200 varieties of hydraulic press, the fast hydraulic press domestic leading manufacturing technology, has reached the international advanced level.The annual output of 600 sets of numerical control press, after the production of the item is expected, the subsidiary will implement the annual output of 600 sets of all kinds of pressure machine, to achieve annual sales revenue of 122 million yuan, more than 2000 2000 yuan worth of the company.