I first CNC servo pressure machine in two successful develop

Published on 2019-07-02

Recently, completely self-developed China’s first full numerical control servo pressure machine tools in China international exhibition in 2008, to the industry find everything new and fresh.Nc servo press marks the successful development of our country has mastered the core technology of stamping machine tool manufacturing, and to break the foreign monopoly in the field of technology.

exhibition of the CNC servo pressure machine is made of heavy duty machine tools and forging equipment is important production base in China – made in qiqihaer second machine tool group co., LTD. Research and development.Previously, our country has been unable to break through the servo pressure machine tool is the cause of development through traditional servo motor power is small, and foreign master the core technology of the servo motor the state exercises strict control over the technology transfer and product exports to China, to make our country in this area constrained for a long time.

people in the industry believe that this kind of motor coordination technology is unique in the world, and to break the monopoly on the Chinese market, large foreign servo motor enormous economic value.