Qi 2 machine tool in maintain a number of leading internatio

Published on 2019-07-02

Recently, the reporter saw in qi 2 machine tool production workshop, the workers are busy everywhere on the lathe, beside the scaffold.Currently, qi 2 machine tool has been keeping in the press manufacturing various international first records, the machine tool equipment will play a huge role in the field of manufacturing in China.

independent innovation: independently developed TK69 series, FA series, a series of XK21 XK28 series, a series of CK51 CK52 series with independent intellectual property rights floor-type milling and boring machining center, CNC gantry boring and milling machine, CNC vertical lathe, CNC horizontal lathe, CNC multi-link large tonnage press and high-speed precision multi-station cold forming machine, and other high-end products.Heavy duty nc machine tool industry has now become a domestic enterprise production scale and market share of the largest and most complete specifications, product manufacturing research and development base on behalf of the state level.Since 2000, successively developed development of new products of more than 150 kinds, of which 86 kinds of new product close to the current international advanced level, 62 kinds of products to fill the domestic blank, progress prize in science and technology and other 22 at or above the provincial level awards.New product ChanZhiLv averaged more than 50%.