Qi 2 machine tool to sign the world first big tonnage transf

Published on 2019-07-02

Since January, qi 2 machine tool and adhere to improve the production ability of organization, optimize the production process, ensure that have all the work for the whole year, a good step.Now, the company’s production plan one month full, everywhere can see the workers are busy in the workshop production.The graph is qi 2 machine tool workers in 12.5 m CNC double column vertical lathe assembly work.Before

, China general technology group qiqihar second machine tool (group) co., ltd. and guangdong foudy automobile co., LTD. Signed a total value of nearly 200 million yuan of 2500 tons and 3200 tons of straight side four point transfer press automatic stamping production line for purchase and sale agreement.
at present, the production mode of stamping parts are mostly using many sets of compressor and vice to mould, this process of typical beats per minute 4 ~ 8 parts, low efficiency, and qi 2 machine tool to introduce development of 3200 tons of straight side four point transfer press automatic stamping production line production efficiency is high, will produce 25 parts per minute, efficiency is 3 times of the former, under the same tonnage, its maximum working mesa, as the world first, is the most complete functions and specifications of the biggest in the world, science and technology the highest levels of the multistep stamping equipment.
transfer press production line fully embodies the development trend of the stamping equipment in today’s world and the highest level, compared with other stamping way with automatic, efficient, points out, many advantages such as high product quality and stable;The world famous automobile manufacturers have generally use transfer press, is the production of high-grade car large covering parts stamping preferred the most advanced equipment, has been the symbol of the strength of car production at home and abroad.
transfer press because of its high technical content, complex technology, high cost, and the core technology from Germany, Japan komatsu, a few equipment manufacturer with a history of nearly a century, so the transfer press have been monopoly by foreign market, a handful is applied in our country.