Appraisal of achievement of science and technology of compres

Published on 2019-07-02

As we have learned, limited company of compressor of forge of Tianjin city weather assumes technology of Tianjin city industry innovated 2011 project — ” YT71S, whole set of hydraulic press of numerical control of goods of 2400 24000kN composite material equips ” appraisal of achievement of science and technology can be held satisfactorily. Tianjin city classics is believed appoint Guo Jianhui of ministry of science and technology of group of Wang Haixing deputy director general of division of science and technology, 100 interest is in charge of engineer, Li Baoguo to be in charge of committee of science and technology of day of engineer, north Wang Yujuan vice director, Wang Qing’s director attended the meeting.

Vice director of beautiful of jade of king of boreal day committee of science and technology is chaired held the meeting. Expert attending the meeting listened to working report, technology to study benefit of society of report, economy analyses a report to wait, watched kinescope of prototype spot job, examined relevant document. Mix through inquiry discuss, appraisal of committee of experts rate of innovation of this project technology is very high, for the country strategical the development of burgeoning industry domain made contribution. Partial technology index achieved international banner level, integral specifications achieved international advanced level.

Equipment of whole set of hydraulic press of numerical control of goods of YT71S-2400 composite material is day forge assume the product that project of innovation of technology of Tianjin city industry planned a research and development 2011, the research and development of this equipment satisfied home not only strategical the need that burgeoning industry domain admits, and as a kind strategical the top level that innovation product represented equipment of whole set of hydraulic press of numerical control of domestic burgeoning composite material to produce, have far-reaching strategical meaning.

This equipment is contemporary material figuration, machinery makes part, the computer, IT, hydraulic pressure, online detect it is an organic whole with the much discipline advanced technique such as control, the control method that use digitlization, intelligence changes, implementation shapes to goods of large composite material suppress, making went up to achieve revolutionary progress to multinomial and crucial technology.

This equipment place develops piston accumulator to control system and pump of coequal technology parameter to accuse systematic contrast, adjusting range of accumulator control system is wider more flexible, and was reduced greatly overall power, developed the characteristic such as energy-saving environmental protection adequately; This product still developed full load level to control system and synchronous crock pressure to distribute control system, move smooth system quadrilateral namely, make slide block moves smooth precision to amount to ± 0.04mm in suppress, solve the not parallel difficult problem in slide block suppress, can satisfy client of a few high end the craft requirement of higher administrative levels.

In addition, equipment of whole set of hydraulic press of numerical control of goods of YT71S-2400 composite material returns regulating system of closed circuit of a powerful person of servo of systems of pair of dual-gripper hydraulic pressure and scale of large stimulate the menstrual flow to wait have research and development, the stability that assures suppress process and dependability assure the quality of the product thereby, the numerical control that promoted hydraulic press of numerical control of composite material goods is changed, make hydraulic press whole set equips to develop to direction of Electromechanical fluid unifinication, build the whole set of hydraulic press of numerical control of composite material goods that owns all and own intellectual property to equip the core technology of development of crucial component technology and application, great to developing manufacturing industry of our country equipment to have real significance and far-reaching strategic meaning, it is equipment of our country high end one of production industry domain strategical innovation product.

At the same time this equipment also is the indispensable important segment that realizes product of translate into of will burgeoning composite material, it is the main upriver product in catenary of national economy industry, the downstream industry of burgeoning to application composite material and terminal product have main effect, it is our country not only strategical the heavy equipment that burgeoning estate development is badly in need of, and the development that waits for an industry to naval vessel of our country ship, petrifaction, metallurgy, car, medical treatment, computer, rise to promote action actively. Should equip to still satisfy the state such as railroad engine, aerospace especially the requirement with major new to hydraulic press of numerical control of goods of large composite material industry, have stronger international market competition ability, can use at mould pressing of high-end composite material to shape suppress new technology, it is the product of complete new equipment that has level of international advanced technique.

Own research and development of day forge company produces this equipment and own all and own intellectual property, already declared patent 13, invent patent among them 8; Among them 3 inventions patent and 2 practical and new-style patent already obtained national authorization, publish a paper 2. This project product already detected through national authorization of the orgnaization examine, classics user uses a proof, equipment runs stability, the job is reliable, contented user uses a requirement. Economy and social benefit are distinct, market prospect is capacious.