Neat 2 machine tools revitalize next is benefited in domestic automobile industry

Published on 2019-07-02

2013 first half of the year, machine tool market is benefited the growth of the industry such as downstream car, whole appears ” anabiosis ” posture, demand of market of product of tall, medium, cheap machine tool increases in the round, order of machine tool company is general grow in quantity, demand of v equipment market increases particularly remarkable. What produce base as equipment of old brand v is neat 2 machine tools, in the person that domestic automobile industry revitalizes next becoming to be benefited apparently, begin from last year, neat order of compressor of 2 machine tools begins to grow considerably, signed 29 300 million yuan compressor contracts early or late with the user such as auspicious car again first half of the year this year, contract of compressor of company accumulative total achieves 630 million yuan.

Neat the compressor technology of 2 machine tools enjoys great reputation all the time in domestic car domain, going up early century 80 time metaphase, when Chinese auto industry just starts, neat 2 machine tools are the company that China recommends technique of compressor of Japanese small pine one batch the earliest, the enterprise offers the car of miniature of Xiali of leopard of cloud of northerly Beijing jeep, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Liuzhou numerous car after Ceng Xian equipment. 90 time are prime, neat 2 machine tools introduced Germany to love technology of Er Ford compressor again, provide compressor product line to one steam masses. 20 come for years, mastered a thing of advanced technique of square different and banner compressor neat 2 machine tools are mixed in home international market start shooting oneself brand, become the 2nd big compressor of domestic to produce business, if surprise luck, auspicious the long-term client that waiting for ethical car brand all is an enterprise. After this, neat 2 machine tools to raise compressor technology level further, shorten the difference with foreign advanced technique, the enterprise introduced Swedish APT to grind early or late again in recent years deserve to try technology of strong hydraulic press, with Shanghai traffic university collaboration developed servo compressor technology successfully. 2008, enterprise multitask of as large as what mastering current world top level numerical control company of Han Ke automation signs the Germany of compressor core technology recommend technical agreement.

Numerical control multitask the revolutionary product that compressor is known as large punch equipment, a multitask compressor can replace a product line that by 5 ~ 6 large compressor form, can improve productivity 2 ~ 3 times, it is a car large the most advanced equipment that covers a punch first selection, at present home counts an import entirely.

To drive multitask compressor technology realizes industrialization, neat 2~3 of future of plan of 2 machine tools year in Anhui lake of overgrown with weeds relies on compose of strange luck car to build multitask of heavy-duty numerical control compressor industrialization base, at the appointed time, those who have top technology is neat 2 machine tools are sure to change structure of world compressor market. Current, project of base of industrialization of compressor of lake of Anhui overgrown with weeds goes well.

This year first half of the year, neat 2 machine tools continue to maintain health to develop momentum smoothly, production value of gross value of industrial output, commodity, sales revenue and new label contract, grow 6.4% compared to the same period respectively, 7.7% , 9.7% with 26.3% , laid solid foundation to realize annual to manage an end.