In 2016, jinan second machine tool worker end of volleyball match

Published on 2019-07-02

On October 22, 23, two great champions challenge in two volleyball passion play, mechanical processing company team, welding and heat forging company team win won the men’s, women’s volleyball team crown, respectively.At this point, in 2016 two worker end of volleyball match.

10 22 women’s volleyball finals, welding and heat forging company team against the press and automation team, entered the white-hot in the opening minutes, two teams score rise alternately, final forging welding team they narrowly won the first game.Into the second game, the sky under the drizzle, the two teams carry forward “don’t give up, fight what” women’s volleyball team spirit, adhere to the game, the press team start consecutive scoring 8:1 lead into the conventional suspension, forging welding team adjusted on effort, repeatedly score, and the press team errors increase, eventually welded forging team firmly to gain the initiative in the competition, with corresponding with the second inning, big score 2-0 victory over rivals winning the championship.Ended in

2016, jinan second machine tool worker of volleyball

10 on 23 men’s volleyball finals, the last champion machining company team against old rivals, the press and automation team, team throughout the dominant mechanical processing company, with the strong offensive firepower and steady, in the end, 6-2 bears and struggled together by two innings, overcome the press and the automation company team, won the championship, the reigning success.

the worker of volleyball has attracted nearly 300 employees in 21 units of entrants,, since the start of the September 23 teams as we presented in 54 wonderful visual feast.

women’s volleyball match top four teams are: welding and heat forging company team, press and automation team, the hospital wing technology, production and sales of human united.

men’s volleyball match before eight teams are: mechanical processing company team, press and sales team, quality, united, power automation installation transportation team, welding and heat forging company financial united team, production team, numerical control machine tool company, headquarters human united.