Jinan 2 machine tool developed the domestic first large complete servo press line at a high speed

Published on 2019-07-02

Recently, jinan second machine independently developed the domestic first full servo high-speed automatic press line in saic gm wuhan base on all fronts, officially available for use.Jinan 2 machine once again break the foreign technology monopoly, stamping technology as the world’s advanced level.More than

2000 tons of the servo press line consists of a connecting rod servo press, three more than 1000 tons of connecting rod servo press and line the first feeding device, automatic feeding and double wire ends automatically discharging, etc, the application of servo drive, numerical control hydraulic, synchronization, control and so on a number of core technologies.Compared with the traditional automatic press line, the whole servo wire production rhythm of 18 times per minute, efficiency increased by 20%, production flexibility and more superior, it can realize “green, intelligence, integration,” the whole servo high-speed stamping production.

launch, gmac-saic yong-qing wang, general manager, said: “the whole servo high-speed automatic press line, stamping in order to promote China’s industrial structure upgrade play an exemplary role, and has brought remarkable economic benefits for the society, is the successful practice of made in China 2025.Jinan 2 machine once again created the record, created a miracle.”

along with the rapid development of the modern car manufacturing technology, new materials, composite materials are widely used, the flexible and intelligent stamping equipment demand is higher and higher.Servo stamping technology has the characteristics of high quality and efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, according to different materials, different technological requirements, running speed and the forming force of stepless adjustment, is another stamping technology innovation and leap.Before, this technique only Japanese, German and other countries a few enterprises, large domestic automobile enterprise application of the servo press production line are all imported.

, jinan second machine tool servo stamping technology research and development of science is rigorous, closely around the market demand, considering the needs of different customers, and auto production of stamping equipment, system analysis, the research since 2010 servo stamping technology at home and abroad, in 2012 successfully developed domestic large servo press, the first 2500 tons in 2014 and developed the domestic first large servo mixed stamping production line.Successively experienced by single servo press, to the servo press line, and then to the whole stage of the research and application of the servo press line.

, jinan second machine tool has a good strategic partnership with saic gm, with their respective development, cooperation in the field of high-end deepening.Base of the whole servo high-speed press line, wuhan is the saic gm yantai base in 2009 after the first domestic large-scale automatic mechanical press line, and a drive to jinan second machine tool and one of the world’s most advanced stamping technology synchronous development cooperation.Cheung chi-kong chairman, in his speech to the saic gm on domestic equipment for many years thanks great support and trust.