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Published on 2019-07-02

Qingdao Green forging Forging Machinery developed China's first large-scale electric screw press
Published: September 21, 2012
     Recently, the company successfully developed an aviation enterprises China's first maximum force of EPC-8000 electric screw press sixteen thousand tons, and the product passed the China Quality Inspection Center and the company's product testing and user acceptance.   It is understood that the press is saving CNC electric screw press, using a digital vector control, modular design, it can be programmed to set and achieve an online automation; also has a simple structure, strong anti-bias load capacity, operation easy maintenance, energy control precision strike, energy conservation, product molding accuracy, high production efficiency.   It is reported that, EPC-8000 type intelligent ton electric screw press, is China's first self-developed large-scale electric screw press, is a mechanical, electrical, fluid highly integrated technology-intensive CNC forging equipment, is China's aviation and aerospace , automotive, high-speed rail, weapons, turbines, construction machinery and other high-tech areas of basic manufacturing equipment essential. Earlier, China in research and development of smart-ton electric screw press is still in a blank state, while imports not only expensive and controlled by others, greatly restricted the development momentum of China in manufacturing large forgings aviation engine blades, automotive engine crankshaft, etc. .   (Source: Internet) 




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