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Published on 2019-07-02

production, a key step
Published: June 15, 2011
     June 11, Shanghai Electric Group, Wuxi Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. (WTB) is a world-class 35,500 tons screw press officially put into operation. More than 100 Chinese and foreign energy, aerospace industry and forging industry experts gathered WTB new plant, to witness this historic moment. Since then, WTB officially entered the aviation and nuclear power and other high-end forging field, marking a key step to its becoming a global supplier of blades and aviation parts suppliers. China Forging Association president Zhang said in his speech at the launching ceremony that China is already the world forging big country, but not forging power. China to become the world forging strong industry, the introduction of advanced technology and equipment from abroad may be necessary, but only a means to introduce. Introduction - digestion - absorption on the basis of innovation, China has developed its own brand of equipment should be our goal. Zhang expressed, WTB is the introduction of high-energy screw press belonging to the world's most technologically advanced similar equipment, one of the largest tonnage forging equipment, technology high starting point, high-end forgings serve. With good hardware, coupled with continuous improvement in process technology and innovation, we believe that WTB will be able to become a domestic first-class, internationally renowned high-end forging production suppliers. To provide precision forgings for the large-scale high-end equipment Zhang believes, WTB imported 35,000 tons this screw press positioned correctly reflects the WTB: "focus on national strategies, aviation service nuclear power" for our high-end technical equipment such as large aircraft, aircraft engines , steam and gas turbines to provide high-quality precision high-tech large forgings. Huang Dinan Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation, said President as WTB "8 + 1" world-scale plant construction, one of the members, at the conclusion of 30 years of specialized blade manufacturing base success on the road, close to the national strategy to make expand the field of military aviation, blade forging and manufacturing strategy to achieve both professional development of decision-making, and the "core-based equipment, unique technology research and development, build the core competitiveness" as a focal point and focal point of world-class facility construction and strategic transformation. The introduction of this press, is the core part of its development strategy, which is the WTB into the world-class facility an important milestone, but also ignite sustained momentum, to create a world-class brand engine, while the forging of China's aviation industry and power equipment the development has a decisive significance. Academician Chun-Xiao Cao believes that demand for large forgings modern aviation industry growing, excellent aircraft and engines require high-quality large forgings. Made large aircraft of the future will be towards the manufacture of forgings in two directions: a sophomore fine. Great is to try to equip large forgings, forgings and reduce the number of fasteners; two is fine CNC forming, including precise control and accurate control of the type, that is, to the size of each forging as accurate, but also the nature of each forging forgings to be consistent. This presses the promotion of China's aviation industry and large-scale refinement great contribution. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu loud believe that the present stage short board aviation industry is aircraft engines, which presses for the forging of China's aviation engine development has played a huge role in promoting. Formed two specialized common development model WTB Yan Qi, general manager, based on the response to the national energy strategy and the development of the aviation industry, WTB depth analysis of power plant equipment and aerospace forging industry, research, energy and nuclear power for the military aviation expand the area of forging strategic considerations, began planning the 30,000-ton screw press building to meet the market demand of nuclear power and aerospace forgings oversized blades. Meanwhile, in addition to "blade specialized manufacturing", focus on the development of "forging the aviation industry as the leading specialized manufacturing" capability, the formation of two new models of specialization and common development, the focus of advanced construction, key components and core of major equipment parts manufacturing capacity, formed in the power plant leaves and aviation forging industry indispensable core strengths. It is under the guidance of this strategic thinking, WTB since 2007, has organized by the power station, aviation industry experts to participate in the strategic development and key equipment selection expert consultation, we have conducted forging technology development and research activities, with more than 30 units of more than 60 scholars, experts involved in helping WTB constantly optimize and improve the strategic development plan, key equipment companies finally selected SMSMeer SPK22400 new clutch screw press and the corresponding auxiliary equipment. This new press force of up to 35,500 maximum combat trillion cattle, in brief contact with the workpiece to force huge blow molding of metal products, which process combines hammers and hydraulic advantages of both the blade and WTB electrical owners aircraft, aircraft engines, the ideal choice for high-performance special steels, titanium and nickel-based superalloy class structure of the product. Compared with the traditional screw press, not only with new clutch press forming a significant increase in energy, but also reduce about 87% of energy consumption, it is a veritable efficient "high-energy" equipment. Compared with conventional presses and forging hammers, metallurgical produce better quality, more uniform microstructure and properties, more precise size of a large overall forgings. SPK22400 clutch screw press with 3150 tons of free forging presses, eight meters of natural gas a rotary hearth furnace and more large capacity electric furnace, so WTB forging production capacity has been greatly improved, the range of products and services be expanded. Flexibility to meet the needs of nuclear power, gas turbine, aviation, aerospace, military industry evolving and unique needs of customers.