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Published on 2019-07-02

Published: June 2, 2011
       With China's rapid economic development, forging process on the tonnage of existing critical equipment, precision, reliability and a higher degree of automation requirements, large-scale production of key parts of the original casting process train tow hook, etc. can not meet the requirements, and the original 2500 tons of friction presses difficult to complete the task, and the process must be changed to heavy friction press forging production.   Qingdao Green forging Forging Machinery Co., Ltd. Nanjing Sheng Forging Co., Ltd. developed a large J53 series double-disc friction press 10,000 t get successfully developed and was recently approved. Green forging company based in the research market to absorb foreign technology, based on independent innovation developed the J53 series of heavy 4,000 tons, 6,300 tons, 8,000 tons, 10,000 tons and the double-disc friction press, in order to meet the train speed and other key state projects and user needs . Products have been appraised by experts at home and abroad to fill the gaps, the technical performance indicators have reached the international advanced level.   The large-scale-ton double-disc friction press developed to obtain a major success. In the acceptance process, the user access to a technology research reports and other relevant information, and to the production site to observe the machine commissioning, pressure testing, the technical performance of the aircraft and so fully affirmed. The ten thousand tons Double-Disc friction press is mainly used for large forgings forging, correction, coining and other forming process. It can be widely used in trains, cars, tractors, ships, aviation, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Prestressed machine frame, high-quality steel rod, pan-type brake full stroke, high strength, rigidity, and other characteristics of the braking force.




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