Hefei Forging developed China will turn its full pressure of advanced CNC machine tools @ Presses, Metal Forming Machine Tool trends observed

Published on 2019-07-02

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   Recently, Anhui Province 2008 annual research programs (second batch) has been issued, this installment plans were arranged in place of major scientific and technological projects 29. Hefei Forging Group Co., Ltd. as the undertakers "medium-sized CNC mechanical press development and industrialization" project list. Currently signed mission statement, Anhui Science and Technology Department of Science and Technology will provide certain funding. The project application based on method of rapid design of PDM, different types of mechanical presses design and detailed technical design, assembly of parts and components processing technology to analyze and prepare to enter the trial production and technical services in the production process. Expected to develop a closed single-point mechanical presses, closed two-point mechanical presses, closed four-point mechanical presses, high-speed blanking press, closed four-point multi-link mechanical press. Reliability target of 95%, the formation of 3-5 core patents technology. The project is Hefei Forging according to market demand, under the visionary leadership of the Group of implementation of the project. From planning to implementation so far, has successfully developed a 6300KN, 4000KN, 2500KN different types of high-end CNC presses, mechanical presses to fill the gaps in Anhui Province. And won the favor of many users, received multiple orders. Take this opportunity of the project in science and technology, co-forging developed China will turn its full pressure of advanced CNC machine tools, industrial province of Anhui, Hefei Gongyelishi make an important contribution.




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