Thai cosette with innovative design of indexable type gun drill CIMT2017 @ Presses, Metal Forming Machine Tool trends observed

Published on 2019-07-02

The deep hole processing is a process with the machining process is very difficult, and has become the bottleneck of many manufacturers in the optimization process.Would normally use brazing welding gun drill or carbide drill, but there are still some problems need to solve in practical application.

cimt2017 Thai cosette los booth
cimt2017 machine tool show, Thai cosette innovation design of indexable type gun drill can solve these problems, the product can provide the same as the soldering welding torch to drill the roundness, straightness and surface finish, thanks to its optimized blades and double direction of the position.The blade with crumbs of blade design, reduces the cutting force makes the feed increased more than soldering gun drill.In the processing of chip than soldering gun drill and carbide bit more small, makes more stable smooth chip removal.In addition, the article with a coating of blades and guide the ability of high speed cutting, this is the traditional brazing welding gun drill cannot be achieved.

based on the BTA deep hole drilling technology

unique points crumbs edge blade design

times the speed of machining efficiency and cutting performance of

diameter expanding the DeepTri -

Drill can change the blade type gun Drill, minimum diameter has been developed from the original D16mm, expanded to minimum D14mm, diameter range from D14mm ~ D28mm now.


this product line diameter expansion, broaden the in mould, automobile, heavy industry and power generation in the areas of application, especially for deep hole drilling processing mould industry.This series of products, cosette los also shows in multiple versions and fist products.

(the original title: Thai cosette in CIMT2017 launch innovative design of indexable gun drill) (source: today's headlines Metal processing)