Domestic wire walking machine why behind foreign counterparts level? @ Presses, Metal Forming Machine Tool trends observed

Published on 2018-03-27

Why can't

domestic wire walking machine abroad the same kind of level?This is a subject of some colleagues often talked about.Why & other;In silking & throughout;There will be a market?That's because walking wire is good, the price is too expensive, and domestic and not in & other;Price & throughout;Brand can choose walking on silk, despite the mid-range machine of Taiwan is optional, but still can't meet the precision demand of domestic related industries.

according to the analysis of the present market situation of high, middle-grade wire walking machine are basically made in Switzerland, Japan, the price is falling from the general trend curve line, but the decline in space.Often appear only in the domestic similar products, foreign related products will greatly reduce the price.

once upon a time, the domestic colleges and universities like Shanghai jiaotong university, nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Harbin industrial university, nanchang university, zhejiang university, the basic theory and fast, walking wire electric machining processing technology, has a very powerful force in the doing.Right now, the university of heavy & other;Market & throughout;With & other;Hot & throughout;And everyone is willing to do & other;Immediate & throughout;Development of academic work and achievements.Such as walking wire technology is complex, involving category of science and technology, more time-consuming, laborious development cycle is long, it is conceivable that under such a background and technical challenges, succeed in doing very well!

can be obviously found that we are in walking wire manufacturing talents cultivating step backwards!From domestic colleges and universities over the years, Dr., master's academic papers published, many are & otherTo cope with & throughout;Diploma work, from theory and actual far from reality, mostly in the predecessor research results on & other;GunPa & throughout;To guide actual walking silk manufacturing level is not big, not even half a bucket of water, to talk about how to guide!Now a lot of professional journal papers, is nothing more than to do simple things complicated, complicated things not understand therefore, title is out, things are made not to come out!

can obtain the support of the country, is walking wire could eventually push with walking silk competition from abroad.Funding support is one aspect.Now our country is not lack of money, the key is how to guide enterprises from policy is willing to put money, time and energy into the real projects as walking wire manufacturing.Market environment can not wait to take a long time, or even decades to & other;Research and development manufacturing & throughout;!Compared with foreign walking embroidery factory

technology, domestic to bad, terrible is that foreign technology development has never stopped, a year in the same, now domestic market is high, mid-range foreign wire walking, when an industry see backward, and ignore the backward to change the backward, this is the relevant domestic departments of sorrow.Our professor at the time of giving lectures, writing articles we electric processing researchers, our domestic walking wire manufacturer in all kinds of exhibition, our domestic customers, high-grade wire walking machine in the purchase bidding, fully occupied by foreign machine and technology.

to catch up with in a short time or reach the level of foreign wire walking, is a good way to joint venture with foreign brands.But from the current situation of walking silk related joint venture, there just to on price & other;Advantages & throughout;And for.100% dry is assembled, some unimportant parts production, like the shell in the domestic production.Involve walking wire core technology of pulse power supply, servo control system, and won't let you go abroad to absorb and digest, domestic enterprises also nobody want to with great concentration to absorb and digest!The purpose of the joint venture is more & other;Business opportunities throughout the &;, if, in the walking wire joint venture with domestic related research institutions personnel to participate in, may be different.

domestic engaged in the manufacture factory and a lot of walking silk industry, can produce, but are in alone, on the grade of the product is walking silk & other;Introduction to machine & throughout;Can, no one on the market share as & otherAmplifier & throughout;, the factory is basic & otherLonesome & throughout;.Also hope to think more industry present situation, we focus on and play their respective advantages, technology sharing, no longer face the vast market demand in walking silk & other;Blank stare & throughout;!