Harbin institute of technology, robots far east engineering undergraduate began to recruit students this year @ Presses, Metal Forming Machine Tool trends observed

Published on 2019-07-02

recently, the ministry of education released 2016 annual professional undergraduate course of common colleges and universities for the record and the result of the examination and approval.Harbin institute of far east robot to declare new record undergraduate engineering approval.This means that the first robot engineering recruitment undergraduate majors in heilongjiang province will be the official start of the recruitment of students this year.

, Harbin institute of technology in the far east in 2012 set up the first Chinese colleges and universities, focusing on training students in the field robot technology and application of robotics institute, has the education to robot, service robot, industrial robot is a professional direction of the direction of the robot.Composition principle of the laboratory, the school also built robot robot software laboratories, robot hardware lab, robot technology innovation laboratory and practice, experiment and training venues off more than 40, more focus on training robot for huge robot market production, with the comprehensive talents.

as "made in China 2025" planning in May 2015, robot and high-grade CNC machine tool is listed as the government needs to vigorously promote the development of a breakthrough of one of the top ten key areas.And planning for that year, there is no domestic undergraduate open & other;The robot engineering & throughout;Professional institutions of higher learning, until the southeast university in 2016 began to recruit & other;The robot engineering & throughout;Undergraduate students not to break the ice.

robot is a complicated system engineering, need to all aspects of the talent, such as machinery, electronics, communications, automation and will involve materials, physics, chemistry, etc.Robot related professional is more extensive, such as mechanical design and its automation, machinery, automation, electrical automation, etc.It is understood that many colleges and universities has robotics lab or research center, in robot research are well done, but the talent training is mainly for graduate students, a few for undergraduates.