Press the "golden era" has come

Published on 2019-07-02
The liberation of labor since the reform and opening up, China has been called for and a step by step toward a mature development path forward. In the past the press tends processing machinery, manpower to help complete the required size, cost people not only cost money, and the effect on the accuracy of processing products are relatively low. Now, fully automated production presses, the production will bring high efficiency and low cost of manufacture, the press will produce customized production networking into the next era, that is, the moment people are obsessed with the arrival of "Industry 4.0" era. Press processing, how the rapid development in this wave? 
One can imagine that China is currently making efforts to promote structural adjustment and economic development mode shift time, key areas and key projects of high-end CNC machine tools, high-performance tool, the large demand for precision measuring instruments, dependent. 
The rapid development of the press 
Stakeholders analysis: For the machine tool industry, digital technology will be the development of the guide. Development of the press should be intelligent, innovative, efficient and focus on development. That is intelligent and automated presses CNC machine tool industry is the direction of the press, the press of high-precision, high-fine, high-speed, flexible, intelligent, is also a symbol of modern industry. 
Press efficiency, precision, height, development of environmental protection like the initial change IT industry. Under the impact of Industry 4.0, businesses will be faced with a bad transition, many industries will bring a devastating blow. 
But also conform to the call of the State, the development of machine tool industry to improve the high-speed development strategy, in terms of policy to give strong support. As the press machine is widely used in the industry of a mechanical device, in the best season of this development, the press manufacturers should seize the opportunity. Scientific and technological innovation to lead the development of the press industry. 
Many experts foresee the future intelligent manufacturing equipment leading the manufacturing of low-carbon, energy-saving, efficient development of the role will be further apparent; at the same time, the industry will also be industrial robots, machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, intelligent, smart instrumentation, three-dimensional printing Key areas of equipment, new sensors, complete sets of automated production lines, the formation of rapid development and breakthrough. Even now, many companies have invested in the production of intelligent robots to replace the development of traditional industries, in 2016 Spring Festival site, we can see the prospects for the development of science and technology and productivity obvious advantages. 
Saying the press industry from the traditional technology, and now the development of intelligent numerical control technology, has experienced decades of development. Inflected press industry, but also pregnant with excellent form, but the overall development of the industry is still sustainable development. At the same time, we have to understand the current situation, follow the trend of the situation is more serious, the market demand for the product is not directly proportional to how to adjust the product and market changes in demand brought about, will be the main features of the future period of the press industry. 
Due to the continuous development of science and technology progress, people are constantly rising demand for quality products, processing and production of parts with high temperature, high strength, difficult to process, alloys and composite materials and more complex structure and multiple high technological requirements, which He warned the press manufacturer is facing changes. Take the direction of technological innovation and development is the long-term development.