A quarter of China's press industry decline in global production

Published on 2018-03-27
Good Botou Xin Yan Limited production of press quality, excellent quality. According to press different types of machinery and processing requirements, develop targeted, practical safety procedures and make the necessary job training and safety education. The use of units and operators must strictly observe the rules and the design and manufacturing units to provide instructions for safe use, the proper use, maintenance. 
Press safety management include the following: 
First, safety technology and equipment department in charge of sector enterprises must participate in the press (including shears) installation, commissioning and acceptance work after the overhaul, as well as safety equipment before use with regular inspection work, after acceptance. 
Second, the establishment of a complete device file for each device. File should include: name of the manufacturer, installer and maintenance, quality transformation provided documentation and technical data, equipment, personal accident from happening use. 
Third, establish shift system, job responsibility system, maintenance system, regular inspection and maintenance system, registration and accident reporting system, etc., and strictly enforced. 
Fourth, the operator must be at least 18 years old and trained corporate sector, familiar with the equipment performance and maintenance of knowledge, the safety certificate after passing the examination before induction operation.
Fifth, obsolete, failure, abnormal lack of press safety devices, the transformation is still not up to the requirements of safety, after careful appraisal by the authorities and the security technology sector is prohibited. Confirmed that no transformation value should be scrapped, resale is prohibited. 
Press at ambient temperature depends on the service life and efficiency, temperature prone to failure, affecting productivity. 
The main problem is the use of press oil into the winter, the temperature dropped, the oil temperature can not be too low, normal oil temperature not less than -10 ° and higher than 38 degrees below the range of values ​​will heated to above to cool down before use, and periodically review the press master cylinder for scratches, seal leaks, the timely processing of the replacement ring. 
Into the winter, people are cold sensitive, prone to slack psychological, regular cleaning of the tank, to avoid impurities into the hydraulic valve, prone to failure. While making the surrounding environment clean, to ensure the normal operation of the press. 
Each plant has a variety of size four-poster presses more than 100 Taiwan, in volume terms, has been able to meet the current needs of steel production capacity, but the quality point of view, these presses are mostly in the early 1960s or the mid-products, work more than 20 years, the performance of old, modern production can not meet the requirements, so these technological transformation of old equipment has become an important issue. Using advanced technology to transform the existing hydraulic machine is aimed at: 
1, to improve the quality of forgings; 
2, high production dike and Death; 
3, receive greater economic benefits. 
However, technological innovation is consuming a large four-poster press, which is not only the transformation of his own costs, but also consider the cut-off losses. Nevertheless, many countries chose relatively low cost so that the press has been modernized without taxing more money to buy a new press. Before the existing four-column press machine modern technological transformation of existing equipment to deal with the investigation and analysis to determine: 
1, the need for transformation in the extent and scope? 
2, the cut-off time is how long? 
3, how much? 
4, how the economic benefits? 
Analysis of the existing situation of the press are available from the following aspects: 
1, basic good condition? Hydraulic machine is properly supported on the basis of? 
2, if there are pit oxide and water? Have a suitable drainage system? 
3, the main components for cracks? 
4, whether the column and tighten the nut? Column seat not to reprocess? 
5, whether the column straight? Have excess wear and tear? 
Investigation and analysis from the above items, you can press the body to determine the extent to transformation.