Enhance the core competitiveness and industry concentration is the key to the development of the industry press

Published on 2019-07-02
Presses usually driven by the electric motor through the friction disc leaving the flywheel rotating flywheel rim, its compact structure, less transmission links. So, what is it mechanical principle of the press? 
Presses no fixed dead center, large forging on, you can repeatedly blow molding can be singles, even play and jog. Strike force and deformation of the workpiece is related to the fight against large deformation force is small, deformation hour strike force. But it's a low blow speed slider rack blockade by force, it is smooth, which is the principle of mechanical presses. 
The lower part of forging presses are equipped with top of the device, the above, can be used for forging presses, stamping, deep drawing process. 
Forging machine tool use, forging parts is the most important, so before use must be checked and adjusted. Check and adjust the content of forging machine tool are: 
First, prior to use, the machine should be pressure test, pressure test used for the working pressure of 2.25 point, check the piston out to the maximum working stroke, the regulator about five minutes, the pressure gauge readings drop value shall not exceed four percent of the test pressure.
Second, the reliability test of the safety valve, the safety valve is adjusted to the operating pressure, continuous test five times. 
Third, after removing all the pressure, pressure gauge pointer back to the "0" position, replacement should be no damage, the rod can not be significantly deformed, moving parts without catching phenomenon, and should be no oil leakage. 
Punch now has been widely used in electronics, telecommunications, household appliances, etc. Jiaotonggongju production, usually a number of manufacturers in the production and processing hardware appliance when a lot of accessories can be used by mold punch out. So, for punching mold material, it should be how to choose? 
First, the surface of the material to see if there are other impurities. 
Second, take a hammer, beating the corners of the mold, if the mold was broken corners or concave corners, then prove that the material quality is very common, general, good material, it can withstand the beating and red diamond.