Presses market strong "counter-attack" swept the doldrums dilemma Yindie

Published on 2018-03-27
Good Botou Xin Yan Limited production of press quality, excellent quality. It is well known and often used presses have divided into two structures, one is pneumatic friction clutch press, the other is a rigid mechanical clutch presses. Presses indispensable parts of the slider, the so-called press slider, a lot of people do not know the position of the slider. Press slide in the middle position, the components can be moved up and down, it moves twice the stroke eccentric radius of the eccentric shaft or crankshaft. Press slide in operation often occurs downstream jitter, power Shandong Heavy Industry Machine Co., Ltd. a manufacturer of presses for decades for customer questions, gives the following explanation: 
1, the lower chamber of the master cylinder pressure valve supporting the supporting force is too low or unstable approach: supporting the lower chamber of the master cylinder valve instability. It may be appropriate to increase or decrease the pressure support valve, or replace the spring. 
2, four-poster tight approach: a four-poster must add oil. 
3, support the pilot valve solenoid valve in question approach: solenoid valve is flexible, with the gap is too large, there is leakage phenomenon. 
(1), the cylinder on the compression presses such presses installed flush upper body (Figure 4-4), the piston to move down from the work pressure on the workpiece. Pickup and discharge operations are carried out in a fixed table. Easy to operate. Fast and easy to implement down, the most widely used. 
(2), under the pressure of the press cylinder class presses installed in the lower body. 42, the upper fixed beam as shown in the column does not move wide, driven by the moving beam L7l when 4t plug rises, the pressure on the workpiece, unloading music, school Cypriots since repeated by Fallon c under the pressure of the press center of gravity than the low, good stability. In addition, the inner cylinder mounted on Ding as below, in operation, the article may prevent oil pollution. 
(3), double-action press Often this press beams into wide activities inside and outside the slider. They are driven by different hydraulic cylinders, respectively, can also be combined together to move the mobile, the pressure inside and outside the slider was the sum of the pressure. This press has a very flexible I: farming system, usually in the lower part of the body comes out of the top of the cylinder, can achieve three dynamic operation. Therefore particularly suitable for sheet metal deep drawing, widely used in the automotive industry shelter.
(4), special presses, such as the corner presses, horizontal presses and the like. 
Second, according to the tonnage category Presses 
1, small presses 
Nominal press 100 tons in the following referred to small presses. 
2 medium-sized presses 
Nominal pressure between 100 to 300 tons called medium-pressure machine knife. 
3, large presses 
Nominal 300 tons of press called large presses. 
Three beam four-post press manufacturers - Shandong Heavy machine power three-beam four-post press manufacturer - Shandong Heavy Industry power 
Third, the position where the press drive mechanism in classification 
1, the drive presses 
Press drive mechanism provided in the working surface of the drive called the press. 
2. The next transmission press 
Transmission mechanism disposed below the work surface called underdrive press. 
Fourth, according to the press free 
1, Single Point Press 
Press slider consists of a link with the robbery called Single Point Press. Single point press for countertops smaller presses. 
2, Two Point Press 
Pressure and slide driven by two links called two-point press. Two Point Press for the left and right wide press table. 
3. The three-point presses 
Press slider rod driven by the three called the three presses. Three press the left and right work surface particularly wide, commonly used in the presses. 
4. The four-point presses 
Press slider driven by a four-link called four-point press. Four o'clock in front of the press table, back, left and right are relatively large, usually presses large tonnage. 
Fifth, in the form of press frame classification 
Click the form can be divided into: open press, closed Zhuang force machines and presses, the operator from the front, left, and right near the stage in three directions, the body as a whole type of press, closed pressure. machine operator can only close the press table from two directions around. 
Sixth, according to the press of the power transmission mode classification 
In this manner it can be divided into: mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission (oil pressure, water pressure) and electromagnetic and pneumatic. Wherein the mechanical transmission presses most widely used in production. 
Forging machine according to the model approach to provision the state machinery of the Committee, in the mechanical press category, there are two presses, one is driven by a crank rod presses, called crank press; the other is by the screw driven by a friction wheel power transfer, known as friction press. Its advantages are simple structure, the price is inexpensive, the drawback is the large power loss, lower productivity than the crankshaft and the eccentric punch presses, generally used rubber products forming apparatus (press).