Press industry "labor pains" must have fallen giants

Published on 2018-03-27
Manufacturing growth in 2015 generally slow down, a serious decline in some industries, a direct impact on the development of forging, stamping and sheet metal production industry. Forging, stamping and sheet metal production enterprise mixed picture, the development is very stable. According to the current understanding of the situation in 2015, sales of the year (or yield) increased slightly compared with 2014, in line with the growth curve growth curve forging related sectors including the automotive industry, including the year presents two high, middle low trend. In forging, stamping and sheet metal production industry, there are good companies into three categories, the first category is that products meet specialized, sophisticated and special; second is the Octavia to capture the dividend policy, effective and aptly captures the emerging markets, this situation also has been struggling in the past insisted enterprises, rely on dividend policy saved them; the third category is to rely on technological progress, cultural progress and management of progress to survive, they do not seek Japanese quickly, but it vanguard can do in their own markets, leading enterprises in this industry. 
Forging and stamping industry about 65% supporting the automotive industry, auto parts plant in 2015 for the commercial vehicle matching the decrease in large companies; for the passenger supporting some companies decreased by 5% -10%, individual enterprises slight increase, of about 3%, due to the concentration of the reasons for the increase, a small business growth rate of 20% -30%. 
Different situation with forging, stamping, sheet metal production industry leading enterprises benefit are better, an increase of at least 20%, mainly in the last two years, special products (such as security equipment, anti-terrorism facility) the substantial increase in demand, new energy, aviation aerospace and rail transportation and other stamping, sheet metal production enterprises optimistic about the situation, led to the manufacture of the amount of related products; traditional mechanical industries, such as construction machinery stamping, sheet metal production enterprises weak. Supporting new energy enterprises are one-stop production mode, complete industrial chain, all ancillary equipment sales are done on their own, a cartridge assembly, product directly face the market is good and bad.
For the home appliance industry supporting sheet metal production enterprises, domestic enterprises occupy a considerable advantage, foreign companies compete with domestic firms, although appliance prices lower than foreign products, the profit margin is not very high, but are generally annual production capacity one thousand million units level. Such as Gree, Galanz, Hisense, Midea and Haier sheet metal production enterprises, these heavyweight OEMs basically realized automation, digitization and information technology (hereinafter referred to as intelligent) manufacturing, stamping manufacturing multi-position progressive die automated production , including the production of sheet metal bending forming is composed of the entire line, to achieve unmanned plants. Finished stamping plant manufactured by ABB unmanned car transport, some companies are relatively high degree of automation into. As the home appliance can be mass-produced, the production of household appliances industry, the level of automation is higher than the automobile industry, the automotive industry than device applications to advanced, automated unmanned operation, the production of digital and information technology is the future trend of development. Relative to the whole enterprise, Guangdong Province, small stampings and sheet metal parts production factory specializing in the OEM reduced orders, the situation is not very good. From the current situation in terms of their own business, the situation is relatively large differences, OEMs sheet metal production industry better than professional plant. 
The entire industry overcapacity particularly evident not only forging enterprises, including machining and automotive OEMs, overinvestment phenomenon can be seen everywhere, especially private enterprises, investment in mutual penetration, we are each further step forward, high growth in the past high input and increased overcapacity phenomenon. Another trend is that, despite the overcapacity obvious, but well-known foreign companies are supporting the accelerated investment in China. 
In 2015 in terms of the world's leading auto parts for forging enterprises to invest in China to set up factories or market development and research institutions, such as the first large company in Germany METAL DIE, Switzerland's largest company SFS, the largest in Italy Angu special company, Helanneide Shiluo Fu, etc. to increase investment in China. The new plant all purchasing mid-range business equipment. Investment in forging industry continues, indicating that opportunities still exist, the market also need to add, still in the course of the game. However, the game is no longer competitive factors and equipment from the previous live with what equipment do become a large-scale competition, and then by the scale of competition into a technological competition. Domestic forging companies buy foreign good equipment, can make good use of the device, play the advantages of good equipment, the test of how the internal strength, the main value of the mold, process stability and the like. Current foreign enterprises to invest and build factories in China are selected mid-range equipment, aimed at popular product instead of sophisticated products, such as a steering rod, steering knuckle, etc., Chinese enterprises with their main competition is both the strength of a management. In the auto parts forging industry, domestic and foreign enterprises technical capacity difference is not great, but not the fundamental difference between the equipment factors, the fundamental factor is the management, the use of foreign investment for many years of distribution experience to make the greatest competition in the special products advantages, and better targeting the regional market. A typical case is the first large company in Germany METAL DIE investment projects in Suzhou in 2015. The second is financial. The current financing environment on the domestic forging industry already constrained situation is fatal. Forging manufacturing industry as upstream steel industry needs to pick up the full amount, the downstream industry, whether automobile or business equipment, payment of accounts is three months, plus six months of acceptance. Financing in China, if not 10 points or more is unavailable. High domestic financing costs, low profit margins, alone put competitive advantage to domestic enterprises gambled. However, foreign countries two situations: First, from among enterprise financing, the Group's business model, the companies reached a global financial balance. Second, out of the country financing, financing costs are very low, such as Bank of America is negative interest, Europe, Deutsche Bank is a point of interest around.