Press industry out of the mire of financial crisis

Published on 2019-07-02
Electric screw press industry equipment production technology innovation in the development of press equipment is a very important position, the contradiction between technological innovation and product development is also increasingly fierce, the main cause of this problem or electric screw press in the production of technological innovation is not in place, the lack of injection of fresh elements, causing problems between technological innovation and product development has become increasingly obvious. 
Electric screw press industry technology innovation should be injected into them upgrading product R & D and technology, electric screw press related businesses should be in the process of production of old production technology of new upgrade and renovation, for the product new research and development and design of the equipment. 
And from electric screw press production processes quite weak places of departure, continue to strengthen the importance of upgrading the production process, increasing the brand value of the product, cast brand, implement the principle of brand strategy. 
Mechanical forging equipment industry can be said that the heavy machinery industry in the traditional concept which is often used as the extensive development mode for production, with the continuous improvement of the social productive forces, the progressive application of science and technology in the forging equipment industry the advanced technology is more and more, but in spite of constantly updated technical word or is constrained extensive development mode. 
Let us first briefly forging equipment in the domestic history of development, forging equipment is just starting in about the 1950s, after a short period of 30 - 40 years of development, China's own production of equipment has been able to forge good self-sufficient, not dependent on imports. And has been successfully stabilized the domestic market, forging equipment, slowly and gradually to the device from the exporting country importing countries forging equipment direction of change. 
Holds many lessons for the domestic forging equipment industry in the long process of development in the production of forging equipment product categories, specifications are basically quite complete, but the long middle and low surplus production of high-grade products seriously inadequate. The lack of high-end products production experience and production technology, which can be summed up thus forging equipment industry needs to change the development mode to achieve high-end product development and mass production is the top priority as soon as possible.