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Published on 2018-03-27

Care and maintenance of CNC lathes

China Business Network] [Machine Introduction: With the CNC machine tool widely applied to all walks of life, in order to ensure the normal operation of CNC lathes, reduce wear and prolong life, to deal with all friction parts CNC lathe for lubrication, and pay attention to routine maintenance and maintenance. 

are: pouring oil lubrication, splash oil lubrication, oil lubrication oil guide rope, marbles oil cup lubrication, lubrication cup butter, oil pump lubrication.       Headstock parts with good lubrication or splash lubrication. Lubricating oil tank generally replaced every March. Oil window on the spindle body, if found no oil output within the oil window, indicating that the system is faulty oil pump, the oil should be immediately stopped to check off the reasons to run a lathe until repaired.       Feed box gears and bearings, in addition to gear splash lubrication, the feed to the tank as well as wick guide oil lubrication oil reservoir, the class should be added to the oil once the oil reservoir. Exchange gearbox intermediate gear shaft bearings are lubricated with butter cup, once per shift. Bed rails, slide rails before and after work should wipe the grease gun refueling.       Lathe maintenance, maintenance requirements are as follows:       First, every day after work, turn off the power, the surfaces on the lathe, each casing, each guide surface, screw, light bars so that no oil, no iron, lathe clean appearance.       Second, weekly cleaning and lubrication and maintenance requirements of the rail bed surface and the surface of the slide rail. Typically when the lathe 500 hours, the need for a maintenance. Its maintenance work to operatives mainly in the service conducted with people. Maintenance, we must first cut off the power, then the following order and requirements: First, the maintenance of the spindle. First, clean oil filter, make no debris. Second, check the spindle lock nut loose, tight set screws if tightened. Third, adjust the brakes and clutch friction disc clearance. Secondly, exchange gearbox maintenance. First, cleaning gear, bushings, and oil cup infuse new grease. Second, adjust the backlash of the gear. Third, check whether the sleeve shaking phenomenon.       Third, the slide and the head maintenance.       Fourth, the tailstock maintenance (cleaning look and lubrication).       Fifth, the maintenance of the lubrication system. First, clean the cooling pumps, oil filters. Second, to ensure the smooth flow of oil. Third, check the oil quality, good (oil standard clear mission)       Six, electrical maintenance. First, clean the motor, dust electrical box. Secondly, Fixed electrical installations neat.       Seven, appearance and maintenance. First, clean the surface of CNC lathes and casings to keep inside, clean appearance, no rust, no oil. Next, check all the screws and padded handle. After cleaning wipe all components necessary lubrication.