The world's largest combat force spiral pressure machine too

Published on 2019-07-02

    350MN clutch screw press is the world's largest combat force spiral pressure machine, the state-level key strategic equipment. Its installation into operation, not only to meet the production needs of the nuclear power King blade, but also for large aircraft aviation disc-type high-performance forging R & D, production and lay a solid foundation, the core WTB implementation of the "Strategic Expansion Project" link.       WTB is a specialized enterprise of equipment manufacturing steam turbine blades. Since the establishment of the end of 1978, along with the pace of reform and opening up, in ten years to complete the task of localization of large blades 30/60 after three of 200MW Turbine. And with two decades, working on professional development of the road, playing the country's largest power plant blades specialized enterprises. An annual output of more than 200,000 blade, blade not only large domestic market share of more than 70%, also began to enter the international market. In the next two or three years, companies from giving priority to efficiency to scientific and technological progress and development, technological innovation continue to invest in the industry first to complete the integration process from the traditional to the international advanced level of technology to achieve the transformation of digital processing of the blade, thereby the advantages of high-tech, high-quality products to win the United States GE, Alstom, Siemens, Toshiba, Hitachi, Mitsui and other well-known companies favor, just three years, foreign trade business has reached $ 20 million.       With the deepening of the global economic integration process, WTB has been working to become a world-class enterprise. In autumn 2005, the company led the development of long-term business development strategy: to meet the domestic market, while both professionals and do fine specialized enterprises, the use of high-tech advantages, vigorously develop the overseas market, blades, blade to create a global brand suppliers. At the same time, close to the national development strategy, advancing nuclear power, aviation, military areas, the company stronger, bigger.       February 2008 WTB commissioned CMEC agent introduced formal tendering. And in accordance with the provisions of international public bidding process, after arduous negotiations nearly three months, WTB and internationally renowned in mechanical design and equipment manufacturing companies in Germany SMSMEER agree on 350MN clutch screw press purchasing agreement, in 2008 August 1 formally signed.       Signed 350MN clutch screw press import contracts, marking the WTB to "first-class global supplier of blades" and "global high-end precision forgings supplier" objective and a major step forward. The successful introduction of this the world's largest screw press, WTB is based on two years ago to upgrade the NC machining process, again to enhance the forging equipment and technology for the company to develop a comprehensive nuclear power blades and aerospace market has a decisive significance , WTB will be built leading technology, first-class equipment, advanced management of global blade manufacturing center, to achieve a qualitative leap.