Domestic production of the first fully automated production

Published on 2019-07-02


May 8, the domestic production of the first fully automated production line 125MN hot forging press in the National Machine Group's China First Tractor Group Co., Ltd. (China YTO) officially put into operation. 
    China Forging Association, honorary president He Guangyuan, speaking at the commissioning ceremony: "China has entered the ranks of the world's great powers forging, but not world powers dragged forging forging industry 'tons of line' of production, not only of the crankshaft and the front spar. forging a new level on the overall level, but also means that China to the world powers forging another step forward. " 
    as a national" double high-priority "(high technology to transform traditional industries and high-tech industries, optimization of key products and technologies structure) project, the domestic production of this first fully automated 125MN hot forging press auto production lines with a total investment of 140 million. Programme design is 150,000, including the host and supporting suspension quenching furnace, shot blasting machine and other equipment, at home and abroad to absorb the advantages of tons forging machine production line in the design, heat treatment capacity in all electric heating system, the feeding device joint control computer and robotic systems. The production line high degree of automation, the rough draft angle no greater than 30, forgings thickness tolerance ± 1.70.8, high utilization of materials, energy-saving effect, is the world's best technology of forging equipment Currently, both the production of 3 , 4,5,6-cylinder and V8, V10, V12-cylinder crankshaft with 4,6,8,12 balanced blocks and a flat-screen, three-dimensional molding parting and twisting Shui crankshaft, but also the production of heavy truck front axle. 
   The industry believes that the current gap between China forging industry with the world advanced level, mainly in the category, labor productivity, tool life, four aspects of energy consumption and environmental protection forging parts, a trailer built 125MN hot forging press forging automatic production line project production will significantly increase its production of large complex forging blank level of technology and technical content, can not only provide customers with more quality forgings to meet growing demand from customers on the quality and quantity, but also represents the development direction of the forging industry. 
   As China forged steel crankshaft power of advocates, China First Tractor forging Branch since the 1990s, in addition to meeting Dongfanghong ancillary products, but also to major domestic diesel engine manufacturers to provide various types of 2 million crankshaft forgings and domestic car diesel forged steel crankshaft field for many years to maintain the industry first. After 125MN hot forging press production line officially put into operation, a drag forging large and complex forged steel crankshaft capacity expanded to an annual output of 500,000 by an annual 300,000. 
    It is understood that, from 2001 to 2006, the Chinese metal forming industry annual output value of the average annual increment of 30%, is expected to "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China metal forming industry output will grow by an average of about 15% per year. 
China First Tractor chairman Liu expressed great merit, a trailer will forged for decades, the development of talent accumulated mold under the technical superiority and advantages of equipment after the transformation combined to reduce production costs, the production of high value-added products as a development direction, enhance China's core competitiveness forging production, narrowing the gap with the world advanced level. Meanwhile, China will seize the favorable opportunity of a tow forging international procurement focus eastward, to seek development in forging global product purchasing trends, and continuously improve the total export of forgings, development and growth in the international competition.