QI tools and Chery Automobile signed a 218 million yuan succ

Published on 2019-07-02

    JERUSALEM Qiqihar March 11 electric Recently, Qi two machines with Chery Automobile signed a 218 million yuan successful press orders, QI tools become by far the largest single contract. 

  Since the beginning of QI tools to marketing as a leader, actively promote the marketing and management innovation, and constantly open up new market space. First, adjust the marketing strategy. Boring focus on development by region, so that the zone of weakness become strong, strong areas stronger to enhance Boring market advantage and by radiation in key areas to enhance the gantry milling, vertical lathe, mechanical presses and other market influence; Second strengthening Lianxiao construction company. Focusing on agents to be sorted out, refined agent team, regulate behavior in order to avoid excessive competition. At the same time according to the distribution agent, operating strength and coverage and other factors, the regional market research, segmentation, delineated areas of responsibility, to develop appropriate assessment indicators, but also through technical support, business training, to ensure that resources, new product introductions, etc. full support for the new agency; the third is the depth of the development of the international market. Through study abroad, foreign market analysis and participation in international machine tool exhibitions and other means, and constantly open up the international market; fourth is to strengthen service efforts. Enterprise-wide, customer service system planning, improve manufacturing, installation, service assurance system, after-sales service stations and building other towns, formed a national overhaul maintenance service network, while improving service quality and service capabilities, refine quantization service standards, improve execution and service user satisfaction rate.