Jinan two machines large presses National Science and Techno

Published on 2018-03-27

   Recently from the 2007 National Science and Technology Awards Conference upload to the good news from Jinan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. independently of "LS4B-2500 type 2500 US tons press closed four-point multi-link" project won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, Jinan is the highest award in this Technology Conference obtained.   Previously, "LS4B-2500 type 2500 US tons press closed four-point multi-link" project has won the first prize for scientific and technological progress in Jinan City, Shandong Province. 5000 tons presses by two LS4B-2500 type 2500 US tons press closed four-point multi-link double linkage was formed in 2006 to US exports of high-end market. This product is suitable for the automotive industry in contemporary drawing large sheet metal parts, bending, punching, forming and other cold stamping process, mechanical, electronic, control and detection technology as a whole, to achieve a high-speed stamping, high precision and fully automated. Use of electronically controlled synchronous technology, electronic servo coordinate feeding technology, multi-link technology, automatic die change technology, mold protection technology and fieldbus control technology, a number of international advanced technology, with remote diagnostics, remote control and network communications a variety of automation. One can expect to achieve from the metal plate forming part of all the processes, production efficiency is 2-3 times that of conventional automatic punching production line, domestic forging industry is by far the largest tonnage, the highest technical content, highest degree of automation of complete sets of forging equipment.   Jinan Machine Tool Group for many years adhere to independent innovation, according to the investment principles of saturation, increasing investment in technology development. Nearly four years invested a total of 226.39 million yuan technology development costs, accounted for an average of 6.9% of sales, in 2006 alone invested 71.45 million yuan for technological development, development costs accounted for 7.1% of sales. Completed a total of 206 development projects, which bear the national, provincial research project 58, provincial scientific and technological progress awards 24, 35 patent applications, effectively enhance the independent innovation and development capabilities.