Jining No.2 successfully developed China's first servo press

Published on 2018-03-27

Jining No.2 successfully developed China's first servo press 25000kN
Published: December 11, 2012

  The successful development of this servo press, Jinan II machine in master and use single-arm fast feeding stamping technology, basic technology of large presses on another important breakthrough in the field of stamping technology achieved. 
  Stamping is the first road car manufacturing process. With the rapid development of modern automobile manufacturing technology, new materials, composite materials are widely used, stamping equipment, flexible and intelligent increasingly demanding. Large servo presses completely broken through the traditional concept of mechanical presses, the abolition of the flywheel and clutch parts and other energy, provided directly by the servo motor punching power, according to different materials, different process requirements, any slide motion curve design, high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection features. Previously, this technology only Japan, Germany, a small number of enterprises to master, domestic and foreign automobile enterprise applications are just beginning. 
  Technological development with the international advanced level to keep pace Jinan Machine Tool, the first in China to carry out application studies servo press technology, and get user acceptance is included in the national major science and technology. The demonstration 25000kN large servo presses, the main drive system dynamics analysis, servo drives and control system design, servo motion curve simulation optimization, the key technology of CNC die pad design, equipment fault diagnosis and remote monitoring are made important breakthroughs can be achieved in the whole process of stamping and forming force speed stepless adjustment, car manufacturers meet the future development of new technology, the need for new material. 
  Continue to break the high-tech fields, and Jinan Machine Tool participate in domestic high-end market competition to win the opportunity. Nearly three years, the proportion of high-end product orders from 30% to 50% or more, a large, heavy forging equipment domestic market share of over 70%. Equipment in the domestic auto companies at the same time, Jinan Machine Tool developed by representatives present the latest international technology, complete sets of high-tech equipment into line completely independent intellectual property rights, in batches into the US headquarters of Ford and GM India and other international high-end market, and establish manufacturing in China new image. Thus, Jinan Machine Tool in the international market to achieve a supply from the host to provide a complete solution, from the subcontractor to the general contractor, the supporting role to lead the transition, China has become an international high-end enterprise stamping equipment in the field has only qualified bidders , among the three stamping equipment manufacturers in the world.