Dual planned to build the world's largest forging press, max

Published on 2018-03-27


Published: January 10, 2012
  Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the second China Heavy Machinery Corporation (hereinafter referred to as double) feasibility study of large forging presses construction projects, large forging presses maximum pressure project is planned to build up to 80,000 tons, It is currently the world's largest forging press, more than the previous world's largest forging press in Russia 75,000 tons.   Large forging presses are mainly used aluminum, titanium, high temperature alloys, powder alloys and other hard materials thermal deformation and isothermal forging superplastic forming. Which is characterized by forging pressure, long dwell time, slow strain rate deformation to improve the density of the material, with a refined grain materials to improve the overall performance of forgings, forging a whole to improve the uniformity of the deformation, so that difficult and complex structure of deformable material by forging isothermal forging and superplastic deformation to meet the design requirements, can save materials by 40 percent to less machining or near-net-type target. Isothermal forging hydraulic machine is the key equipment in aviation, aerospace, aerospace and other important machinery production forging important.   In recent years, double around the product development and improve the technical level, the technological transformation of a certain size, make up less than ten years of technical innovation, but also for the future development laid a solid foundation. The construction of large forging presses and production, will greatly enhance the international competitiveness of China's equipment manufacturing industry and two heavy international reputation.