energy nuclear power screw press forging 67 inches long bla

Published on 2019-07-02

forging 67 inches long blade 
Published: August 31, 2011
       June 11 morning, Wuxi Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. (WTB) forging workshop hall flags flying, one of jubilation scene, each WTB people are in high spirits, his face filled with a proud grin. Because on this day, WTB introduction of state-level key strategic equipment --3.55 ten thousand tons of high-energy screw press will be held commissioning ceremony.   On this day, more than one hundred Chinese and foreign power plant equipment industry, forging industry and aviation industry leaders, experts, as well as Chinese and foreign customers and friends gathered WTB new factory Chun-Xiao Cao Academy of Sciences, academician Liu big ring, the former Ministry of Machinery Industry Minister Mr. Lu, Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation CEO Huang Dinan, China forging Association, Zhang Jin, the Secretary-General Han timber, also invited to attend, witness put into this strategic equipment. This is not only a great event in the state and industry, WTB is a historic moment. 35,500 tons of high-energy screw press successfully put into operation for the WTB to develop high-end equipment manufacturing and laid a solid foundation to become the core of its logo and key parts suppliers strategic objectives, has taken a crucial step.   The introduction of three-ton screw press   --WTB strategic transformation of carefully chosen   as the company with 30 years of development history of the power plant blades specialized manufacturing enterprises, many years of accumulation of technology, equipment advantages, so WTB has become the domestic and global field blade supplier. The company is currently integrated large share of the power plant turbine blades in the domestic market of more than 70% of the annual output of more than 300,000 blade power plant, already have millions grade ultra-supercritical steam turbine, a million nuclear power plant process development and large blades manufacturing capacity, and construction of "large-scale national energy turbine blade research and development center"; Shanghai Electric, Harbin Electric, Dongfang Electric and GE, SIEMENS, TOSHIBA, ALSTOM, MITSUBISHI Electric company were waiting WTB are a strategic supplier.   Since 2006, based on the response to the national energy strategy and the development of the aviation industry, through in-depth analysis of power plant equipment and aerospace forging industry, research, WTB initially established to promote the upgrading of traditional thermal power business, to develop nuclear power business to aerospace expand the area of military transformation strategy.   To promote the implementation of this strategy, WTB since 2007 to start planning for investment and construction of the 30,000-ton screw press, in order to meet the market demand of nuclear power and aviation large blade forgings; and beyond "specialized manufacturing blade," focus on the development "in the aviation industry as the leading forging specialized manufacturing" capability, a "blade and aviation forging Plant" new model two specialized and common development, to build core strength, to become a world-class specialized blade manufacturing enterprises and domestic outstanding aviation forging specialized enterprises.   The introduction of this press process, WTB is called "by Dream Tour", from the selection argument to the procurement tenders, to the transportation and installation of production, 35,500 tons of high-energy screw press construction project lasted for nearly four years, which is fraught the hardships and challenges, but also carries the WTB's dream and hope. The company has organized a strategic development by the two power stations and aviation industry experts to participate in the selection of equipment and key expert consultation, we have conducted forging technology development and research activities, there are more than 30 units of more than 60 scholars, experts involved in helping WTB constantly optimize and improve the strategic development plan; WTB inspection team also repeatedly went to Germany, Austria and other places Investigagion equipment suppliers. The company ultimately chose SMSMeer SPK22400 new clutch screw press and the corresponding auxiliary equipment, and 20 008 in August officially signed import contracts.   35,500 tons of high-energy screw press includes a base including a total weight of 5800 tons, of which the largest single part of the weight of 340 tons, nearly 10 monomeric components weighing more than 100 tons. German SMSMEER company experts, WTB project team and related personnel, the machine five construction companies to install equipment nearly 100 people participated in the construction project.   From since October 8, 2010 the first batch of press parts approach, to May 31, 2011 trial forging products, which lasted 236 days. After the construction of large transport equipment presses, lifting 307 tons bench 345-ton beams and other large pieces of precision hoisting key nodes 590 tons heavy flywheel clutch assembly, electrical system, hydraulic system debugging; in solve special installation tool manufacturing 345 ton beam stand, the overall framework after installation and load prestressed laser measurement and other technical problems. From May 31 to formally put into trial wrought product in just 10 days, 10 days, WTB engineering and technical personnel and forging workers around the clock, hard work, overcoming difficulties, has completed more than one product of the process in the press development and trial production.   The world's most advanced forging equipment lead   commissioning ceremony June 11, and Professor Liu Dong from SMSMeer (China) Co., Ltd.韩剑锋manager and Northwestern Polytechnical University, introduced to the guests the 35,500 tons of high-energy screw press equipment features and technology advantages.   35,500 tons of high-energy screw press is by far the world's most advanced, one of the two largest screw press, can brief contact with the workpiece to force huge blow molding of metal products, the maximum impact force up to 35,500 tons. Its technology combines hammers and hydraulic advantages of both the electrical and aircraft owners blade, ideal for high-performance aircraft engines, special steels, titanium and nickel-based superalloy class structure of the product.   Compared with the traditional screw press, this new piece of equipment used in the clutch not only a significant increase in energy press forming, and can reduce about 87% of energy consumption, it is a veritable efficient "high-energy" equipment.   It is worth mentioning that the impact of this press speeds between 0.25 to 0.5 m / sec adjustable, controllable stroke forging, hammering energy variable; compared with conventional presses and hammers, to produce metallurgical quality more excellent organizational performance is more uniform, more precise size of a large overall forgings. The device also comes with 3150 tons of free forging presses, eight meters of natural gas a rotary hearth furnace and more large capacity electric furnace, so WTB forging production capacity has been greatly improved, the range of products and services be expanded. Flexibility to meet the needs of nuclear power, gas turbine, aviation, aerospace, military and evolving field, and these areas every customer's unique needs.   Among the commissioning ceremony, WTB invited Shanghai Turbine Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Chen Xuewen, AVIC Liming, deputy chief engineer Cui Shusen, Hongdu Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd., deputy chief engineer Chen Shunhong three guests turn on the device console button, a live demonstration 35,000 tons of high-energy screw press forging three categories of products, high temperature alloy engine turbine disks, nuclear power and 67 inches long blade TA15 large aircraft bulkhead of the entire process, was a complete success. Guests of the WTB forging capability and technological level expressed admiration, customer representatives from the energy and aerospace have also said, is looking forward to future cooperation with the WTB.   Focus national strategies aviation service nuclear power   as a state-owned background of core components of specialized equipment manufacturing enterprises, WTB has been committed to the professional development of the use of accumulated technical capabilities and equipment advantage, pursued military service aviation, nuclear energy, boost industrial restructuring and upgrading. The introduction of 35,500 tons of high-energy screw press for China to contribute to forging industry is WTB's long-cherished wish, it has also been recognized by industry colleagues.   As the host of the commissioning ceremony, Secretary General of China Forging Association Zhang said in his speech, WTB introduction of high-energy screw press is part of the world's most technologically advanced, the largest tonnage of forging equipment, technology high starting point, high-end clients forgings. With good hardware, coupled with continuous improvement in process technology and innovation, we believe that WTB will be able to become a domestic first-class, internationally renowned high-end forging production suppliers.   CAS academician Chun-Xiao Cao, suggests that demand for large forgings modern aviation industry growing, excellent aircraft and engines require high-quality large forgings. Made large aircraft of the future will be towards the manufacture of forgings in two directions: a sophomore fine. Great is to try to equip large forgings, forgings and reduce the number of fasteners; two is fine CNC forming, including precise control and accurate control of the type, that is, to the size of each forging as accurate, but also the nature of each forging forgings to be consistent. WTB this press to promote China's aviation industry and large-scale refinement great contribution.   Academician Liu ring more clear that the present stage short board aviation industry is aircraft engines, which presses for the forging of China's aviation engine development has played a huge role in promoting.   Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation, Huang Dinan, president, head WTB has been very supportive of 35,500 tons of high-energy screw press construction projects, but also very much agree with the WTB "based on the core equipment, unique technology research and development, to build the core competitiveness" as a world class focus point and focus plant construction and strategic transformation, and look forward to the development of China's aviation WTB forging and power equipment industry to make greater contribution.