The introduction of 35,500 t screw press production, nuclea

Published on 2019-07-02

production, nuclear power can be forged large blade
Published: June 24, 2011
       Wuxi Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. Shanghai Electric Group (WTB) imported 35,500 tons of high-energy screw press went into operation. More than 100 energy and aviation industry experts at the scene witnessed the 35,500 t screw press to replace the three deputy dies three hours, to complete a perfect dish, slice, block three highly difficult process of forging products. This marks the WTB towards a world-class aerospace forging leaves and large manufacturers a step forward, but also means that China's manufacturing capacity in the field of power plant blades will be further enhanced.   Greatly enhance the production capacity of forging   It is understood that 35,500 tons of high-energy screw press is by far the world's most advanced, one of the two largest screw press, can brief contact with the workpiece to force huge blow molding of metal products, the maximum impact force up to 35,500 tons, the process is a combination of hydraulic hammers and the advantages of both the electrical and aircraft owners blade, ideal for high-performance aircraft engines, special steels, titanium and nickel-based superalloy class structure of the product .   Experts said that compared with the traditional screw press, the new clutch of this equipment used to make not only a significant increase in energy press forming, and can reduce about 87% of energy consumption, is truly efficient "high-energy" equipment. This presses the impact velocity between 0.25-0.5 m / sec adjustable, controllable stroke forging, hammering energy variable; compared with conventional presses and hammers, metallurgical produce better quality, more uniform microstructure and properties , more precise size of a large overall forgings. The equipment with 3150 tons of free forging presses, eight meters of natural gas a rotary hearth furnace and more large capacity electric furnace, the flexibility to meet the needs of nuclear power, gas turbine, aviation, aerospace, military and other fields of continuous development.   Yan Qi WTB general manager, said it is for strategic reasons forging military aviation to nuclear energy field and expansion, WTB started planning 30,000-ton screw press building to meet the market demand of nuclear power and aerospace forgings oversized blades. Huang Dinan Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation, president of the view that the introduction of this press, WTB is an important milestone towards a world-class facility, but also ignite sustained momentum, to create a world-class brand engine, while the forging of China's aviation industry and power equipment the development has a decisive significance.   Oversized blades of nuclear power to meet the production needs of   China Forging Association Secretary-General Zhang said that China is already the world forging big country, but not forging power. China to become the world forging strong industry, the introduction of advanced technology and equipment from abroad may be necessary, but only a means to introduce. Introduction - digestion - absorption on the basis of innovation, China has developed its own brand of equipment should be our goal.   It is understood that the introduction of 35,500 tons of high-energy screw press is the core WTB implementation of the "Strategic Expansion Project," a ring, but also an important strategic transformation WTB deployment. As a company with 30 years of industry practice of power plant blades specialized manufacturing enterprises, from 2006 onwards, WTB based on the response to the national energy strategy and the development of the aviation industry, through in-depth analysis of power plant equipment and aerospace forging industry research, there is a strategic considerations to the field of nuclear energy and aerospace forging military expansion, WTB the conventional island of nuclear power large blades, vanes gas-fired units, clean and efficient thermal power blades and large parts of the four military aviation products as high-tech industrialization key development areas, and start planning 30,000-ton screw press building to meet the market demand of nuclear power and aviation oversized blade forgings; outside "blades specialized manufacturing", focus on the development of "forging the aviation industry as the leading specialized manufacturing" capability, the formation of two new models of specialization and common development, the focus of advanced construction, major equipment and key components of the core components manufacturing capabilities, and the blade is formed in the power plant industry, aviation forging indispensable core strengths.   It is under the guidance of this strategic thinking, WTB since 2007, has organized by the power stations and aviation industry experts to participate in the strategic development and key equipment selection expert consultation, we have conducted forging technology development and research activities, with more than 30 units of more than 60 scholars, experts involved in helping WTB constantly optimize and improve the strategic development plan, key equipment chose the German company SMS Meer SPK22400 new clutch screw press and the corresponding auxiliary equipment, and in 2008, August officially signed import contracts.   It is understood that 35,500 tons of high-energy screw press includes a base including a total weight of 5800 tons, of which the largest single part of the weight of 340 tons, nearly 10 monomeric components weighing more than 100 tons. SMS Meer company experts, WTB project team and related personnel, the machine five construction companies to install equipment nearly 100 people participated in the construction project, from October 8, 2010 the first batch of press parts approach, May 31, 2011 day trial forging products, which lasted 236 days. After the construction of large transport equipment presses, lifting 307 tons bench 345-ton beams and other large pieces of precision hoisting key nodes 590 tons heavy flywheel clutch assembly, electrical system, hydraulic system debugging; in solve special installation tool manufacturing 345 ton beam stand, the overall framework after installation and load prestressed laser measurement and other technical problems. From May 31 to formally put into trial wrought product in just 10 days, 10 days, WTB engineering and technical personnel and forging workers overcome various difficulties, we have completed the process development and pilot production of multiple products in the press process .   Look forward to forging technology and other infrastructure to improve the   forging industry by the forging, stamping and sheet metal industry formed the basis for the equipment manufacturing industry, which shaped parts are widely used in electric power, petrochemical and other industries, is the main load-bearing structural parts of machinery and equipment or sub-contractor force structure, the host for the final quality and safety plays an important role.   According to reports, in the energy sector, the country can not produce some of the major equipment components to some extent by the limitations of forging technical level. Therefore, in order to fundamentally improve our ability to develop energy equipment, forging the basis for technology must be improved.   At present, the domestic forging industry gap with foreign countries mainly in the manufacture of fine shortage, low labor productivity, mold and other short-lived.   Some experts told reporters that China Forging a long time in a state of extensive, with high energy consumption, low utilization of materials, environmental impact severely as the main features. At present, to adapt to the direction of sustainable development for precision forming technology put forward higher requirements, the rapid development of a large number of high-quality, high efficiency, energy saving, labor-saving new plastic forming technology, the industry's coveted "net-shape" the goal is The main direction of development.   For now, forging industry should take advantage of the existing conditions do technology development, product improvement, the important work of introduction of talent. To give full play to existing resources, to promote spontaneous mergers and acquisitions within the industry, to achieve powerful combination; forging enterprises should establish strategic cooperative partnership has close links with OEMs as possible. At the same time, we will further strengthen cooperation with research institutes. The only way to improve our overall technological level of the forging industry to provide better services for the equipment manufacturing industry.