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The compressor that Shu Le belongs to coin to produce with Yu Sanjin is finished examine

Published on 2017-12-22

Chief inspector of bureau of world multilateral coinage assembles in Mexican city, attend what during coming 17 days on May 11, 2014, hold chief inspector of bureau of coinage of the 28th world is met . Experts concern new-style alloy, color money and strengthened the topic such as the technology that prevent bogus to spread out to discuss. This conference journey still includes to look around be located in st. louis Botuoxi (í of San Luis Potos) Mexican mint, this factory used tens of equipmen

National science and technology is great and special large servo compressor the project is mixed through checking and accept appraisal

Published on 2017-12-08

In June 2014 5 ~ 6 days, group of 2 machine tools assumes Jinan machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment national science and technology is great and special large servo compressor the project is mixed through checking and accept in Dalian appraisal. This project relies on the home that provides for factory of Dalian of strange luck car compressor of first 25000kN large servo, achieved the new breakthrough of homebred punch technology, to breaking monopoly of

Neat 2 machine tools revitalize next is benefited in domestic automobile industry

Published on 2017-10-31

2013 first half of the year, machine tool market is benefited the growth of the industry such as downstream car, whole appears anabiosis posture, demand of market of product of tall, medium, cheap machine tool increases in the round, order of machine tool company is general grow in quantity, demand of v equipment market increases particularly remarkable. What produce base as equipment of old brand v is neat 2 machine tools, in the person that domestic automobile industry revitalizes next becomin

Group of day water v is decision-making it is good that for the enterprise development gains special interest

Published on 2017-10-31

Recently, change from the Ministry of finance, hair appoint, the country such as bureau of total bureau of tax of total office of industry letter ministry, customs, state, the sources of energy dispatch of six ministries and commissions: Machine tool of day water v (group) seam the solder that bury arc limited company is big to provide product line whole set of equipment directly (JCOE and UOE are all norms) add newly enter new 2014 revised edition the entrance does not grant duty-free great tec

Group of Shandong grand peaceful builds machine tool of high-end numerical control to create base

Published on 2017-10-31

A few days ago, the machine tool of large numerical control that group of Shandong grand peaceful drafts to invest level of world of 610 million yuan of construction creates base Qingdao carries gallop heavy industry is mechanical . Current, this project already included industry of Qingdao city key the item, be taken seriously by height of Qingdao municipal government. As we have learned, this base is located in city of Qingdao rubber state to face harbor industry garden, project total floor ar

The compressor opening type that raise force group produces passes product safety attestation answer is judged

Published on 2017-10-26

Came 15 days on March 14, 2011, the machine in Beijing organization of limited company of certificate of quality evaluates sincere line of business group group 2 people, the compressor opening type that produces to limited company of group of Jiangsu raise force (attrition clutch) , 200KN ~ 1250KN opens type compressor (rigid clutch) undertook product certification answer judge. Evaluation group basis freewill sex attestation carries out product of forging press instrument byelaw , factory qua

Compressor of machinery of machine tool adding up to forge passes own innovation major project is checked and accept

Published on 2017-10-26

Recently, the Hefei city that bureau of Hefei city science and technology shuts Inc. of forge machine tool to assume to Hefei innovates independently major project undertook checking and accept. Expert group is listened to add up to forge Zhang Lanjun of assistant chief engineer tackles key problem to this project technology, the project is carried out, capital uses the detailed report that waits for a circumstance, after making an on-the-spot investigation to the project carries out the spot an

Appraisal of achievement of science and technology of compressor of Tianjin day forge can be held satisfactorily

Published on 2017-10-26

As we have learned, limited company of compressor of forge of Tianjin city weather assumes technology of Tianjin city industry innovated 2011 project YT71S, whole set of hydraulic press of numerical control of goods of 2400 24000kN composite material equips appraisal of achievement of science and technology can be held satisfactorily. Tianjin city classics is believed appoint Guo Jianhui of ministry of science and technology of group of Wang Haixing deputy director general of division of science

Combined forging with annual capacity of 600 sets of numerical control press project settled in bengbu

Published on 2017-10-12

On May 10th, hefei forging group invested 100 million yuan, in bengbu anhui bengbu press set up subsidiary manufacturing co., LTD., the annual output of 600 sets of numerical control press ground-broken projects at the same time in bengbu city high-tech zone.This is bengbu high-tech zone construction since the beginning of the year the tenth industrial investment projects. entitled the cradle of Chinese fast hydraulic press manufacture reputation of hefei forging press group, is a competitive tr

Intelligent security press developed in Shanghai

Published on 2017-10-12

On December 9, operators Xu Taian are intelligent safety pressure machine for demonstration.On the same day, by the Shanghai shengan brake manufacturing co., LTD., developed by years, JSA servo type intelligent double safety protection device assembly (intelligent security press) formally developed successfully.Intelligent safety pressure is set machinery, electric control, photoelectric and computer for the integration of mechanical press safety device assembly, when operators because of wrong

Press set safety standard requirements in Shanghai

Published on 2017-10-12

Yesterday, the mechanical press safety use requirements in Shanghai.National security supervision bureau of policy and law department director Chen guang said, the safety requirements as a national mandatory standards, was launched in April this year.All enterprises must to press is equipped with safety protection device and emergency braking device, avoid the improper operation, such as to have been hedge finger work safety accidents. , he said, the introduction of the mechanical press safety r

Mechanical press product quality sampling percent of pass is 99.9%

Published on 2017-10-12

General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of mechanical press product quality recently organized a country selectives examination, selectived examination in Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong, guangdong and other five provinces and municipalities directly under the central government 44 enterprise production of 44 kinds of products (not involving the export products), product quality sampling percent of pass is 99.9%. the major quality problems found in selectiv

The domestic first most vigorously, sixteen thousand tons of the numerical control electric screw press in forging successful development

Published on 2017-10-12

Content abstract: a few days ago, by Qingdao blue forging forging machinery co., LTD for an aviation enterprise developed the domestic first most vigorously for the sixteen thousand tons of EPC 8000 type electric screw press in forging successful development, and successfully passed the national quality inspection center and users of the companys product testing and acceptance. has, by Qingdao blue forging forging machinery co., LTD., for an aviation enterprise development of the domestic first

The worlds first largest hot die forging press in guangxi guilin

Published on 2017-09-04

June 28 in the morning, the first in the worlds largest hot die forging press in guangxi guilin of guangxi seedling industrial zone, marked the guangxi push forward the annual output of one hundred thousand tons of precision forging project completed and put into operation, fill in guangxi in the automotive, diesel engine, engineering machinery industry blank forging industry chain.It is understood that the project technology reached the international first-class level, project energy consumptio

The first sixteen thousand tons of electric screw press by Qingdao green forging successful development

Published on 2017-09-04

Content abstract: EPC 8000 type electric screw press is green forging company in 2010 the worlds first ten thousand tons of double disk friction press after the successful development on November 1, 2010 with air Jiang Xijing casting company successfully signed the first domestic most vigorously, sixteen thousand tons of the numerical control electric screw press. by Qingdao green forging forging machinery co., LTD production of domestic first most vigorously for sixteen thousand tons of EPC six

Imported 35500 tons of screw press, forging large nuclear power blade

Published on 2017-09-04

Shanghai electric group wuxi turbine blade co., LTD. (WTB) allows went into operation imported 35500 tons of high energy screw press.More than 100 35500 tons of energy and aviation industry experts live to witness the screw press in three hours to replace the three pairs of mold, the perfect finish plate, sheet, frame three problem forging process of the product.It marks the WTB toward world-class large blade and aviation forgings allows manufacturers a step closer, also means that our country w

In 2016, jinan second machine tool worker end of volleyball match

Published on 2017-09-04

On October 22, 23, two great champions challenge in two volleyball passion play, mechanical processing company team, welding and heat forging company team win won the mens, womens volleyball team crown, respectively.At this point, in 2016 two worker end of volleyball match. 10 22 womens volleyball finals, welding and heat forging company team against the press and automation team, entered the white-hot in the opening minutes, two teams score rise alternately, final forging welding team they narr

Jinan 2 machine tool developed the domestic first large complete servo press line at a high speed

Published on 2017-09-04

Recently, jinan second machine independently developed the domestic first full servo high-speed automatic press line in saic gm wuhan base on all fronts, officially available for use.Jinan 2 machine once again break the foreign technology monopoly, stamping technology as the worlds advanced level.More than 2000 tons of the servo press line consists of a connecting rod servo press, three more than 1000 tons of connecting rod servo press and line the first feeding device, automatic feeding and dou

Yang group is committed to machine tool industry innovation and development

Published on 2017-09-04

Uplift force group is a pioneer in the field of forging equipment manufacturing enterprises in our country, since 2010, the group with 116 project as the important carrier of transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and product, and further promote the innovation in products and technologies.At present, Yang group has formed press, shearing machine, bending machine, hydraulic press, CNC punching machine, laser cutting machine and so on six big series, more than 600 kinds o

Combined forging intelligent to be included in the national technology innovation demonstration enterprises

Published on 2017-09-04

Recently, the state ministry of website of the public in 2016 national technology innovation demonstration enterprises to that list.Fair show period for September 23 October 8, alloy forging intelligence on the list.This is a country of enterprise technology innovation ability affirmation, is also the embodiment of the companys comprehensive strength. intelligent forging hydraulic press, mechanical press and other kinds of high precision plane bed product research and development, production, sa

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