Carry out the strategy that start city to breath out Er toget

Published on 2018-08-13

The Yang Xuetong that hit most all one’s life to be handed in with machine tool industry did not think of the family asks 3 questions repeatedly, he does not know how to should reply. 3 questions that the other side raises are such: How many country is there to manufacture a machine tool in U.N. member state? Make numerical control machine tool how many are there? Make heavy-duty machine tool how many to have again? But under, he gave out to reply ambiguously, probably not much. Less. Little little. Regard Chinese machinery as the standing deputy secretary-general of Joint Industry Conference, the company that Yang Xuetong says to in recent years abroad manufactures heavy-duty machine tool is in mostly decline, and the development impetus of heavy-duty machine tool lets Qiqihaer however he very hearten, especially neat limited company of group of 2 machine tools and Inc. of equipment of neat heavy numerical control (machine tool of Yuan Qiqi Ha Eryi) two gold that can calls China heavy-duty machine tool are beautiful. Two gold are beautifulNeat limited company of group of 2 machine tools (the following abbreviation is neat 2 machine) was 2007 undoubtedly the biggest on exposition of China International industry win one of homes. Can go up in this industry gain, neat the XNZ2430 of world head stage of 2 machine and development of Tsinghua university collaboration is new-style and large 5 axes linkage mixes dragon door type online bed was obtained exhibit award of can top prize. In addition, exhibit can kick off that day, neat 2 machine wait for 150 million yuan to sign lathe of vertical of milling machine of boring of door of boring machine of mill of heavy-duty numerical control, heavy-duty dragon, heavy-duty numerical control 4 times to wait for product contract with group of big harbor oil field, haing cable group, ginseng exhibit a product to be weighed to be versed in be weighed in city of Inc. , Tianjin by Changjiang Delta respectively, in the enterprise such as limited company of engineering of straight science and technology is ordered. Standing vice-president Yu Chengting is in association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool the directive on development of machine tool of Chinese heavy-duty numerical control and applied seminar, neat 2 machine already the company of arms of the person at the head of a procession that ground of be worthy of the name becomes machine tool of Chinese heavy-duty numerical control, the boring machine of mill of be born of heavy-duty numerical control that this enterprise produces held home market the market share of 85% , satisfied the requirement of national defence and other industry. Neat Qu Bo of 2 chance president introduces, the company breaths out Er by Yuan Qiqi factory of the 2nd machine tool changes to make and be become, through 50 old development, the advantage of product of heavy-duty numerical control and characteristic were formed in home, the product basically serves to wait for national emphasis industry at national defence, war industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, the sources of energy. In last few years, the industrial structure of the company is changed to nicety ceaselessly, large change, compound change, specializationed directional shunt, the product highlights ” heavy ” word, heavy-duty 2006, super- heavy-duty production value rate amounts to kind of machine tool product 60% , heavy-duty gold cuts machine tool production value to rank course of study of domestic person of the same trade the first. In addition, the company developed boring of be born mill actively still compressor of much connecting rod of numerical control of lathe of vertical of milling machine of boring of door of machining center, numerical control dragon, numerical control and twister of fiber of door of numerical control dragon, big tonnage and multitask of high speed nicety large quantities of one functions such as cold forming machine are compound model high-grade. Especially numerical control establishs car product, group company is at the beginning of this year undertook resource conformity with limited company of machine tool of tile-roofed house inn, make product breed more all ready, product structure more hasten is optimized. As we have learned, neat the numerical control of 2 machine establishs car product to be produced per month to next year will amount to 100, to home goal of company of arms of heavy-duty the person at the head of a procession establishing a car strides steadily. And with neat the Qi Chong numerical control that 2 machine photograph borders also is made in heavy-duty machine tool on the way that walked out of oneself. On the China International fair that will hold this year in April, the numerical control that neat heavy numerical control exhibits is heavy-duty fill of machining center of crankshaft tornado cutting home is blank, and only before this Germany and Japan can be produced, ended our country to have equipment to cannot be machined large and marine crankshaft, can depend on the history of the entrance only. And numerical control does not fall wheel pair machine tool, its technology level and function are in domestic lead position, achieved international contemporary and advanced level, can come true to indissoluble in train wheel pair and railroad car the rehabilitate that didymous wheel is over below the circumstance of body, great the repair efficiency that improved wheel pair, have wide market perspective. Succeed as the development of these 2 products, neat heavy numerical control had been formed at present cover establish center lathe, deep Kong Zuan milling machine of planer-type milling machine of boring machine of mill of be born of lathe of boring machine, roller, numerical control, bridge-type, high speed the sort that waits inside all ready, structure reasonable, technology is advanced, and have the system of machine tool product of own intellectual property entirely. It is reported, the product of high-end machine tool of neat heavy numerical control has exported 22 countries such as Euramerican, Korea, Japan and area, signed export contract to amount to many yuan 6000 2006, in the international market famous spend and beautiful praise degree rise increasingly. Liu Yansun of undersecretary of ministry of former mechanical industry is heavy-duty to Qiqihaer the development of machine tool industry feels gratified fully, he says: “There are 6 in what production value of company of domestic machine tool crosses 1 billion yuan, and neat 2 machine and neat heavy numerical control row among them, delectable but congratulate. ” he thinks the success of these 2 enterprises has very much representative, fall in governmental support, liberated productivity, seized rare market opportunity, reveal went out flourishingly innovation ability. Lean ” heavy ” hit outThe achievement that Dan Qiqi breaths out Er city to be obtained to this domain apparently is insatiable, according to Qiqihaer Zhao Moshan of city deputy mayor introduces, according to the current situation that industrial economy grows, qiqihaer put forward industrial economy science development, span the train of thought of development. Because industry of machine tool of heavy-duty numerical control is the advantage industry of this city, foundation good, market prospect is good, good, because this accelerates machine tool industry,development regards implementation as science of economy of whole town industry development, cross the first job that expands more to try to advance. Zhao Moshan says, city will pass Qiqihaer carry out ” 3 old strategies ” drive science of machine tool industry development, span development. It is to carry out big company to reverse a strategy, promote business of mainstay of machine tool of heavy-duty numerical control to do do by force big. Encourage and support is neat heavy numerical control, neat the mainstay business such as 2 machine carries out dilate to hold concurrently and recombine the strategy, take an active part in conformity of domestic and international resource and collaboration to manage, accelerate collectivize development thereby, implementation company grows quickly. At the same time enterprise of supportive machine tool and company of form a complete set appear on the market financing. 2 it is to carry out advantage industry group to change development strategy, expand business of form a complete set energetically. According to ” bibcock enterprise (product) , industrial catenary, industrial group, industrial base ” develop train of thought, with building a nation base of manufacturing industry of center of research and development of heavy equipment technology, equipment is a target, exert oneself develops form a complete set treatment and casting forging product. Current, the casting that breaths out Er city together together to be in conformity whole town forgings resource, different ground establishs casting to forging Inc. , raise energy utilization rate and casting to forging productivity, solve the bottleneck problem that restricts Qi Qi to breath out manufacturing industry of Er city equipment to develop. 3 it is to carry out civilian battalion economy to span the strategy, enhance the development vigor of machine tool enterprise. Made those who promote the development of economy of blame state ownership such as economy of individual privately owned carry out an opinion, give aid to the development of civilian battalion enterprise. Through expanding business of civilian battalion form a complete set, raise group to change a standard, science of stimulative machine tool industry spans development. It is reported, reverse a strategy through carrying out big company, predict to machine tool of neat 2010 2 machine, neat heavy numerical control the enterprise realizes taxes to will break up one time than 2006, sales revenue exceeds 10 billion yuan. And industry of above of whole town dimensions raises a cost year all increase by degrees 25% above, want to turn over above one time than 2006 to gross of economy of industry of whole 2010 town, be equal to give somebody a new lease on life industry of a neat Qi Haer.