Enterprise of 20 machine tools is selected ” China is m

Published on 2018-08-13

2007 (the 5th) ” China is mechanical 500 strong development report ” investigation releases an activity in, 20 enterprises enter industry of machine tool industry pitch on country is mechanical 500 strong, among them Dalian machine tool, Shenyang machine tool parts a row the 56th, 63, before 7 enterprises enter machine tool of plain of neat the first machine tool of 2 machine tools, Beijing, neat heavy numerical control, the Qin Dynasty and treasure chicken machine tool 300.    The mechanical industry that this investigation releases the main body that 500 strong companies are our country mechanical industry, enterprise of above of the dimensions in mechanical industry in all left and right sides of Home 36 800, in 1.36% what 500 strong companies take only on the amount.