Division favour coordinate machining center pays attention to

Published on 2018-08-13

Recently, big Chang Huajia — seminar of technology of coordinate of German division favour machining center is held in Beijing, the precision level that machine of favour of the history that Wo Zexian of luck of chief inspector of sale of international of limited company of technology of tiny essence of life of favour of the division on the meeting gave birth to to introduce division favour company to develop in detail, division machines, process capability and Cohen 4 coordinate machining center (Evo/Micro/Nano/Triton) technology. Mr Ruiwoze expresses, division favour machine can realize the demand that the client machines to μ course nice work. The definition of precision of its spare parts is: M; of μ of machine tool design seeks. ” to Cohen the rock manager of know sth like the palm of one’s hand of parameter of machine tool technology is elaborated further, “Division favour Evo machining center was in the factory of Inc. of cutting tool of cutting of diamond of individual plant continent to had used 4 years continuously, it is 3 ceaseless treatment that fall almost, and constant of machine tool precision. And constant of machine tool precision.. Division favour machine should realize such superfinishing, the quality control that has class of its close accept rice precision guarantees a system. Be machine tool structure firstly optimize a design, cohen is the earliest it is to be engaged in machine treatment build up, began to manufacture machine tool of for private use 1983, machine treatment experience is accumulated rich, already had 50 old histories up to now, the influence that designs pair of treatment precision to structure of machine tool whole has enough observation and data analysis, modular the compact sex that assembled a design to assure structure of division favour machine tool and cover an area of an area small, can realize the accurate treatment of greater work however. It is the demand that intelligent temperature controls pair of finish machining secondly, reflect not only 0.5 ℃ should are less than in difference of cooling fluid temperature rise, and should make sure indoor calm is affected, 5 separate cooling circulatory system in division favour machine tool ensured intelligent temperature runs systematic requirement. It is static thirdly the application that presses slideway technology, static press a technology to be able to be sucked adequately brace up, do not have without attrition wear away. Its 4 it is Cohen machine tool main shaft uses vector control and special standard to detect, can eliminate series connection error, assure fixed position precision 2 μ M and repeatability precision the level of 1 μ M. Its 5 it is Cohen what the machine tool takes cutting tool seriously is fast change to detect with the system, the design of library of tray type knife of division favour machine tool made sure whole set cutting tool is uninterrupted of treatment convenient change, the junior travel is detailed parameter before the cutting tool testing system of original creation can be used to cutting tool detects mix with ensuring those who machine precision is successional consistency. High quality won’t arrive accidentally, it is the result that optimizes a design from inside a lot of plan. The target of division favour machine tool realizes 4 μ to machine namely — μ Drill, μ Part, μ Tool, μ Optical. KERNMicro be one compact model generalist, its remarkable automation character combined the spare parts treatment of micron class, make its had German division grace naturally the precision of famous high fixed position that losing 0.5 μ M. Library of 209 oversize cutting tool has accessibility character, although deployed system of automatic workpiece tray hind, be close to treatment area to also do not have any limitation, suit 3 axes treatment to also suit 5 axes treatment already. Apply to small-sized nicety housing is machined and micron getting cuts treatment. KERNEvo use a number direct feed drive, have rapidder acceleration and feed rate. Principle of complex shafting all design is the foundation of high accuracy of this machine tool. Slide carriage of high accuracy roller and lozenge are linear slideway and ensured without backlash early-warning constancy of machine tool precision. Slippery course and roller guide screw used permanent type to lubricate, because this realized maintenance-free. Apply to micron getting to cut with micron essence carve. The KERNPyramidNano production that is large quantities of quantities, high accuracy and best surface surface roughness only asks and design. Type of an organic whole is automatic on makings system allows unmanned value to defend, even it is OK also that 5 axes linkage adds man-hour. Apply to the treatment that exceeds nicety and Gao Guangjie to spend a part, if exceed accurate housing, exceed narrow opening department, coloured the lens face treatment with hard steel of temper by dipping in water. KERNTriton basically mix for contented big batch, high accuracy best surface is bright and clean spent production asks and research and development. When it machines a spare parts, do not need even ” Last μ ” . This machine tool allows unmanned value to defend, and do not need of 100% detect, sample regularly already enough assure product quality. Apply to micron hardness milling and auger cut, like nicety 5 axes housing, impeller, 5 axes dish kind of treatment and nicety get treatment of bore with a reamer. Cohen makes component of high-tech industry nicety banner supplier, a conte must say, that is in namely 1981, the order of IBM makes Cohen broke through its technology limit, global equipment cannot achieve the precision that IBM asks at that time. To satisfy the requirement of IBM, division favour research and development oneself machine, this established Cohen the technical base of of all kinds and successful type, cohen accomplished high accuracy to machine the expert of the domain from this, its machine precision to arrive accurately accept rice class. Division favour company continues to strengthen business management later, passed attestation of attestation of DINENISO9001 quality system and system of DINENISO14001 environment management. If say product hardware is technical base, so network of global technology service just is the user is at ease used final safeguard. At present Keenke comes true to be diagnosed remotely of the machine tool to the user with carrying a network, office of delegate of many after service was created in China. Especially the transition of industry of Chinese machine treatment upgrades, rangkeen saw market of Chinese high end becomes long space quickly, 20% what Chinese market has held share of division favour whole world. Develop to Chinese market, mr Ruiwoze is full of hopeful, state division favour company is about to begin to establish technical service center in China, with serving Chinese client better, had done join key project.