Machining center of technology of 10 thousand made of baked c

Published on 2019-07-02

2012 first quarter, technological equipment of 10 thousand made of baked clay fiber-optic laser realized China labour laser first functional sex moves. The treatment of technology of 10 thousand made of baked clay fiber-optic laser that this is indicating home is the most advanced applies platform to build in the round. This machining center is by company of Lai of benefit of method of China labour laser basis China is versed in center of technology of laser of science and technology builds an idea, be in laser company support energetically below, the feasibility that mature project carries out, economy, dependability and maneuverability, undertake those who carry out design of research and development is mixed. This machining center came true to begin the fundamental technology research of technologies of a variety of laser beam machining on a platform first, cover solder of drill rod of laser cut, laser and laser electric arc the mainstream laser beam machining such as solder of scanning of Fu of frit of compound solder, laser, laser technology. Machining center of technology of 10 thousand made of baked clay fiber-optic laser uses IPG10000w laser to regard laser as the source, the fiber-optic allocation go to that what use prismatic technology to adopt laser cause way of 4 different core 4 working station — laser cut is versed in, solder of laser drill rod and MIG solderer, laser frit Fu is versed in, laser scanning solderer. The 6 axes robot that all treatment work to take add axis by entirely will finish. When the job, the robot is versed in to each machine a head accordingly through to load of buy of fast transhipment of through cargo, be versed in in this complete corresponding treatment work. 1.Laser cut is versed inUse the head of YRC three-dimensional cut of German Precitec company, its characteristic is the application that answers high sensor and compositive height to get used to a technology quickly, although be in the cut of complex form spare parts,make, also can assure next soldering to high speed solders the stability of quality. Additional, the smooth route system of whole sealing also makes the life of optical lens is lengthened greatly. Should be versed in a technology research that can have three-dimensional laser cut, YRC cut head was the research of the cut technology of car component to provide good platform in the advantage in the cut of complex structure part, its high speed solders and the characteristic of configuration of optical parts of an apparatus of macrobian life also can get used to the industry of high strenth fast rhythm to produce. 2.Solder of laser drill rod and laser electric arc are compound soldererShould be versed in a head of solder of drill rod of configuration HIGHYAG PDT-B and Yi Sa send filar plane, can realize solder of laser drill rod and laser electric arc compound solder. PDT-B solder connect contains welding line to dog system and be opposite automatically anxious system. The arm coming back of this solder connect can rotate inside 360 ° limits, ± of can solid standard now position the welding line inside 10 ° limits dogs, although be in,can assure of the spare parts of complex form in soldering, laser facula and welding wire also can follow the change of welding line method. Make automatically to anxious system facula size and solder the position is synchronous, solder steadily in order to assure quality. Solder of laser drill rod can achieve the successive and sealed welding line with laser unavailable spot welding and higher welding line intensity, drill rod solder does not fuse the character of mother capable person also makes weldment changeless form, produce higher to appearance requirement position in industry in soldering, for instance steam roof builds solder, of car trunk rear cover solder etc, having incomparable advantage. Laser electric arc is compound solder is physics property, energy transmits a mechanism two kinds of disparate heat source are compound together, at the same time action at same treatment position, produced the advantage with two kinds of respective heat source adequately already, made up for respective inadequacy each other again, formed a kind of brand-new and efficient heat source thereby. Laser electric arc is compound solder is opposite at laser beam welding, can increase a spare parts to assemble clearance, increase frit deep, rise solder speed, and increased the microcosmic organization performance that welding wire can improve welding line metal, improve welding line quality. Compound solder is in thick board solder and the in soldering advantage of stuff of tall reflex metal makes it reachs oilcan in industry of shipbuilding industry, auto industry, nucleus, conduit there is wide application in manufacturing industry. 3.Laser frit Fu is versed inUse the head of YC50 frit Fu of German Precitec company, this bareheaded uses module type structure, can configure for several version, can use at different rigid structure and gush plating application (frit Fu solders) . Deploy the gush plating system that contains perfect monitoring function from basic laser head, any settings can have. Technology of laser frit Fu is a burgeoning spare parts treatment at exterior modified technology. Have inferior and attenuant rate, heat to affect an area small, form Fu of metallurgy union, frit with tool reference plane twist is out of shape smaller, process achieves the advantage such as automation easily. Technology of laser frit Fu applies to finishing, OK and great the hardness that improves spare parts appearance, wearability, anti-corrosive, be able to bear or endure the mechanical function such as exhaustion, OK and great the service life that improves data. In the meantime, still can use at reject processing, a large number of managing finished cost. Technology of laser frit Fu still can use field of spare parts of fast production metal, what require equipment little, can reduce workpiece to make process, managing cost, improve spare parts quality, apply extensively at the many domains such as aviation, military affairs, oil, chemical industry, medical apparatus and instruments. Solderer of 4. laser scanningFalilai and German ROFIN company cooperate, it is platform with technology center, the application that joint development flight solders. Use contact of SWS scanning solder, cooperate manipulator of the 4000 made of baked clay fiber-optic laser of ROFIN company, ABB. This solder connect can be below two kinds of mode the job: It is static mode, manipulator is soldering positional halt, solder connect is in can undertake soldering inside sweep range. 2 it is flight mode, ark of solder connect control numerates the athletic contrail of manipulator, according to the athletic speed of manipulator and coordinate, computation gives correct scanning figure. It is current that long-range scanning solders most efficient solder technology, its crucial dominant position is to passed scanning of high speed beam of light to reduce fixed position time. Among them, flight mode can eliminate the time that robot shift locates, of weld time of greatly contractible laser occupy sky comparing. Long-range laser solders to having becominging a kind to replace a kind of method of spot welding of the resistor in application of traditional car white automobile body. Opposite at traditional resistor spot welding, long-range laser scanning solders the technology developed laser beam welding of contact of odd side, blame to accept brought technology and economic dominant position, the advantage appearance that brings its and lens of high speed scanning is united in wedlock, shortened greatly weld time, in whole solder increased to always manufacture efficiency in flow. Besides tall productivity, scanning solder still has the characteristic of Gao Rou sex. Through welding line appearance, solder the position optimize, can achieve optimize the design such as structure and tool clamping apparatus, craft, reduce cost of material thereby, reduce equipment to cover an area of an area, increase enterprise benefit finally.