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Published on 2018-08-13

The place of dark essence machine that make begins to sell German auspicious to stride especially from August 24, 2010 (Gildemeister) company (DMG: De Maji) machining center of 5 axle control ” DMU 50 Eco ” . As the introductory machine that lowered the price, face machining center of consideration general vertical (3 axes) replace the client that is opportunity of 5 axes treatment. This product has the process capability of as coequal as vertical machining center level and precision, negative effect won’t produce when replacing 3 axes MC. To answer a component to machine Sino-Japanese hasten austere low cost asks, guide 5 axes machine machine can yet be regarded as a kind of significant step. This treatment opportunity secures workpiece hind to be able to complete treatment automatically, can shrink to casual laborer makes time and raise precision. Accordingly, DMU 50 Eco is dark energy industry with ” DMU 50 ” for the foundation, father to the mark after choosing 5 axes cut to machine place to need a function matchs and be become. Tilt rotate workbench respect, b axis can be in – 5 ° ~ + the limits batter of 110 ° is inclined, be in + when the position of 110 ° , can undertake the biggest the rear treatment of 20 ° . With can rotate the C axis combination of 360 ° is used, can have agile cut. Main shaft rotate speed most greatly 8000rpm, knife library can deposit 16 tools. The mobile quantity of XYZ axis is 500 ∕ respectively 450 ∕ 400mm, 3 axes all are fast feed speed ∕ Min of 10 thousand 2000mm. Measure of the greatest work is 450mm of diametical 550mm × . The machine tool is 789mm to the height of workbench upside. The price is 12.2 million yen, the plan sells 5 every months.