Nantong science and technology and Tsinghua university collab

Published on 2019-07-02

    24 days, nantong science and technology (600862) the Tsinghua university that establishs with Tsinghua university collaboration (spirit appearance is) center of research and development of combination of technology of machine tool of numerical control of · Nantong science and technology holds the ceremony that uncover a shop sign in Beijing.

    Uncover card ceremonially, spirit appearance department announced about chief project of first 5 research and development starts center of associated research and development, center of associated research and development is returned will around long-term science and technology develops a program in the country, discuss mix in main shaft of component of function of numerical control machine tool, high speed system of high speed feed, flexible the train of thought that the respect such as the development group line of product line cooperates, relevant collaboration studies the task also will be started in succession.

    Chen Zhaodong of president of Nantong science and technology expresses in ceremonially, recombine through extensive assets, the company already stepped the drive of development now. The machine tool business of the company will enter outskirt to realize whole to remove through removing a wall, build progression of center of technology of project of company of level of base of industrialization of machine tool of national level numerical control, state, country to accuse a technology to groom center, to the machine tool course of study carries out the domestic foreign enterprise of industry and photograph adjacent industry to be bought moderately. In 2008 ~ 5 years of 2013, the numerical control of the company is overall reach crucial component dimensions to will achieve 3 billion yuan, the dimensions of working procedure of form a complete set such as casting forge achieves 1.5 billion yuan, dimensions of photograph adjacent industry achieves 1.5 billion yuan, before industry of aspire ascend body 10.

    Respect of real estate Wu, the company will last, the commercial building that scroll develops all sorts of class dish, assume a government actively of all kinds generation builds a project, buy autumn building dish. To 2013, build manhood to develop a face to accumulate 600 thousand square metre, sell dimensions the company of estate of one class aptitude of 3 billion yuan of above.

    Achieve deliver business side, future inside 5 years, the company will accomplish investment dimensions 500 million yuan, year yield 100 million yuan, develop delayed effect in order to strengthen a business.