Jinan bedplate of machine of spare time from one’s main

Published on 2019-07-02

In developing zone of economy of water of chapter Qiu Ming, be located in Pan Wang Lu with on the west, plot of plant of car of Chinese heavy steam with south, jinan limited company of the first machine tool (one machine tool is limited) the fundamental construction of new plant area is in of like a raging fire undertake, 449 mus land has been removed by the circle, put up enclosure, had paved way, exercise of large and mechanical contact is ceaseless, the in-house personage with one limited machine tool discloses, “Before wanting to come in monsoon, had dug the foundation of workshop. ” the large project that regards Jinan as city and chapter grave city, one machine tool is limited will get 1 billion – of 1.2 billion note endowment, its construction is by Weidaji after the group recombines again the brushstroke of dense, also begin for the business with one limited machine tool opened ” breach ” .

Machine bedplate piece merge into appear on the market company

On May 11, 2013, shandong power amounts to mechanical Inc. (Shandong power is amounted to, 002026.SZ) sends announcement to say, according to the need that company business grows, decide with own reserves 95 million yuan of RMBs are opposite one machine tool is limited undertake adding endowment. Bencizeng endowment hind, the enrollment with one limited machine tool capital is change 100 million yuan of RMBs, still be the wholy-owned subsidiary that Shandong power amounts to. This announcement one, let Jinan group of the first machine tool (group of one machine tool) limited company enters public field of vision again. Last year the end of the year the equity of group of one machine tool, trade in Shandong property right the center hangs out his shingle make over, once for a time fetching attention.

Confirm via inquiry, include asset of Hua Rong of the biggest partner to manage company place to hold national endowment of the equity of 81.55% and city of Jinan of the 3rd large stockholder appoint what hold the equity of 7.94% , by Shandong power those who amount to control a partner Shandong power amounts to group limited company (Weidaji is round) , buy with 43 million yuan price and 4.18 million yuan price, recombine at will be being finished on Feburary 4.

Because Weidaji had had below round banner advocate of battalion getting collet appear on the market company Shandong power amount to, and machine tool and accessory also are included in scope of operations, the asset of group of one machine tool can deny company be appearinged on the market by infuse, very fetching at that time attention.

Shandong power amounts to the announcement that will send on April 13 to let fall to the ground of this one be concerned about. Announcement says, for resource of further integrated trade, outspread industry catenary optimizes product business structure, promote integrated competition capability, classics company and the partner power with one limited machine tool amount to a group to talk things over, the company plans to buy Weidaji with cash means the one machine tool of round place hold is limited the equity of 100% , buy equity place to pay money paid for something purchased or received for something sold to be four million nine hundred and two thousand two hundred yuan of RMBs.

Come so, it is Weidaji formerly the one machine tool of round wholy-owned subsidiary is limited face about changes, become the wholy-owned subsidiary that Shandong power amounts to, came true ” the curve appears on the market ” .

Group of one machine tool will come or be cancelled

The reporter notices, from Shandong power amount to these two issuance announcement to go up, first and last, mentioned keyword is one machine tool finite.

And Shandong power is amounted to those who release add endowment in announcement, the enrollment with one limited machine tool the address is: Developing zone of economy of bright water of chapter grave town is in charge of appoint can guarantee a floor 306, and the enrollment of group of one machine tool the address is: Jinan city machine one on the west factory road 4.

The reporter in interviewing understands, the group is in Weidaji run buy group of one machine tool while, created new company, begin by Shandong power the president Yang Mingyan that amount to takes up the post of its legal person to represent directly. In Weidaji the group completes groups of pair of one machine tool after buying, one machine tool is limited was gone to by infuse Shandong power is amounted to, delegate of its legal person also changes the president Zhao Bin that is group of one machine tool. “Nowadays, limited company of group of one machine tool also is withholding Jinan, ” an in-house personage with one limited machine tool discloses, chapter grave new plant area predicts next year June complete, at the appointed time all asset of one machine tool will move Jinan to chapter grave new plant, former site will make him additionally use, jinan limited company of group of one machine tool this one name or be cancelled.

Can see, one machine tool is limited had relied on partner firm ” blood transfusion ” the journey that began dilate, as the construction of chapter grave plant area, one machine tool is limited will become Jinan the legacy inheritance of factory of the first machine tool person.

And group of one machine tool although already by Weidaji the group is bought, but in Weidaji’s round layout, be entered to appear on the market by buy probably the one machine tool of the company is limited just be a key, group of one machine tool returns what course to follow unknown.

Advocate course of study is adjusted or will march automobile industry

As the country large a kind of enterprise, group of one machine tool ever had been created inside the industry countless brilliant, but fall in the concussion of international banking crisis, ever was immersed in manufacturing halt, benefit to glide for a time, the corner that salary defaults. The financial data that according to hanging out his shingle at the outset announcement provides shows, group of one machine tool realized business income first half of the year 2012 165 million yuan, net profit is – total of assets of company of 543 million yuan of; 869 million yuan, indebted 1.258 billion yuan.

Because force of its product brand is larger, the market is had rate is higher also. Group of one machine tool buys all through the ages on the market in annex is the commanding elevation that military strategist in ancient China contends for surely. Somebody says or state with certainty the person that get group of one machine tool can get half of country of industry of countrywide machine tool!

In addition, own innovation ability highlights group of one machine tool, assume have national science and technology great and special ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” task, the research and development of this equipment is successful, will be in the center of numerical control turning of our country high speed, nicety, much axle control to get region generation great skill breakthrough. “Weidaji is round this two large dominant positions that take a fancy to a company just about, want to lend this sortie machine tool the domain, seek vaster development space. ” Wang Xiaojun of division of total economy of bloc of one machine tool is accepted when interviewing, ever expressed.

According to introducing, power of have the aid of amounts to a group to note endowment cooperative platform, one machine tool is limited ” in project of lathe of high-grade numerical control ” already settle Zhang Qiu. According to the program, begin from this year, one machine tool is limited will use 3 years of or so time, investment 1 billion – the face is covered an area of 1.2 billion yuan to accumulate more than mus 450 in construction of development of bright water economy, the machine tool of modern numerical control of high level high standards produces base, achieve year of sales revenue 2 billion – 3 billion yuan target, reoccupy 2-3 year time achieves year of sales revenue the dimensions of 5 billion yuan of above. “Total principle is design of lead program, high level, make machine tool of a home’s top-ranking modern high-grade numerical control produce base. ” Zhao Bin is being accepted when interviewing, disclose.

Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, one machine tool is limited will go up in the foundation of existing product, undertake adjustment to product structure, to the domain beyond the machine tool development marchs, the industry such as industry of the mould that basically swims up and down in the industry, car, arms realizes diversity to develop, come true as soon as possible advocate the situation that neat head of course of study and burgeoning industry develops simultaneously.


Group of one machine tool recombines beginning and end

Group of one machine tool is having glorious past. Go up century 889 time, group of one machine tool ever opened up endowment several yuan quicken technical reformation, the enterprise becomes national science and technology to progress from this advanced company, large a kind of enterprise, country a kind of enterprise.

Changed 1996 make for state-owned and solely invested company, enjoyed a country 1999 ” debt turns ” policy, change again make for current finite liability company. Production is managed after 2000 with annual the speed of 25% increases by degrees, among them before crop of numerical control machine tool arranges trade of countrywide person of the same trade 4 years continuously 3.

Investigate the reason of its company get into trouble, the personage inside course of study discloses, going up century 90 time, group of one machine tool buys new product line and manufacturing technology expenses to amount to 200 million yuan at that time. But, introduced product line and product are not successful, did not produce due effect. From this, group of one machine tool bore the burden of development.

Actually, the bottom arrived 2005 at the beginning of 2006, group of another machine tool of Shenyang of old of numerical control machine tool ever a few south below, be about to buy already the group of one machine tool of defect predicament, but fail to come to an agreement at that time. By 2006, group of one machine tool entrusts bourse of Jinan property right, hang out his shingle publicly make over its wholy-owned subsidiary Jinan factory of the first machine tool property right of 6 minutes of plants. After this comes out again secret of high level of 5 grain fluid visits group of one machine tool. 2008 31 heavy industry and the arrange with of one machine tool group, because suffer effect of international banking crisis, did not succeed. In June 2010, group of one machine tool and Shandong power amount to a group to begin to contact. Because the worker finds a place for,wait for a problem to do not have negotiate, bring about recombine hard and fast, started again 2012 change make recombine the job, bilateral collaboration success will come when conditions are ripe.

Dominant position of group of Jinan machine tool is shown

As we have learned, one machine tool recombines Jinan since executive phase, already reissued to default the worker’s salary now, at present worker finds a place for the job begins to spread out. Regard old brand as the state-owend enterprise, one machine tool is turning over Jinan brand-new one page.

The data shows, the machine tool industry of Jinan starts early, jinan one machine tool, Jinan 2 machine tools, Jinan 4 machine tools these ” old brand ” the enterprise is having the place that hold the balance in the industry, representing the traditional form of industry of Jinan machine tool, it is together in those days ” 18 arhat factory ” Jinan 2 machine tools, in the industry the position is solid, its product machines equipment basically to give priority to with large numerical control, numerical control becomes the link with company indispensable product already, gold of equipment of punch of numerical control of product of two kinds of big dominant, numerical control cuts the business the machine tool all is had the honor to win ” Chinese famous brand ” title, decisive place is had in industry of domestic machine tool.

Nowadays, factory of the 4th machine tool registered Jinan already newly Jinan limited company of machine tool of 4 engine numerical control, but ” Jinan factory of the 4th machine tool ” old sign is being hanged all the time, with aid one, aid 21 appearance, 4 also is having benefit long history. 2003, 4 successes change benefit make, state-owned exit completely, after property right impact is clear, the company was on the road of flying development. Change after making, aid on the 4 production that still put energy in cylindrical grinder, at present still with Beijing firmly of factory of the 3rd machine tool is holding factory of the 2nd machine tool, Shanghai market of homebred cylindrical grinder, hold a dominant position in the new product domain such as numerical control private plane.

And Shandong law because the power of new fighting spirit that limited company of numerical control machinery and nimble of place of Jinan casting forge stepped mechanical company to represent Jinan machine tool. Because numerical control is rigid,law factor accuses predecessor is the Shandong standard that established on August 19, 2002 limited company, development speed can says swift and violent, appear on the market at succeeding 2008, its advocate battalion product machines equipment for whole set of numerical control of steel structure series, basically use at the numerical control treatment of profiled bar, plank, wire, replaced the entrance of congener product effectively.

Only then the Jinan that was built 1956 casts institute of forging press instrument (Jinan casts a) , belong to 242 to national institute according to the State Council first turning the reform plan that makes place of courtyard of stress scientific research, make at changing 1999 become science and technology company, enter company of group of Chinese machinist trade. Place of Jinan casting forge has developed become our country to cast, the center of research and development of much more professional omnibus technology such as v machinery, assume the industry technology job such as program, information, qualitative check, standard. The product applies extensively at car, engine, aviation, railroad, steely, home appliance, agricultural the industry such as car, autocycle, light industrial, electric power, telecommunications, electric machinery, chemical industry, spin, instrument, appearance, switch and batteries.