Machine tool industry accelerates development to look for acc

Published on 2019-07-02

Specific and character, the development of machine tool industry can divide a pace to go: To 2015, machine tool of high-grade numerical control produces need of main contented home in our country, product function achieves international basically advanced level; arrives 2020, form chain of perfect industry of numerical control machine tool, the form a complete set such as system of homebred numerical control and functional component need of leader of main contented country. Homebred in machine tool of high-grade numerical control has dominant place in home market, have the intellectual property of a few domestic control core, machine tool company that has international competition ability and force (group) , implementation produces big country to produce powerful nation change to the machine tool by the machine tool.

In product domain, lead plane should develop forming machine of metallic cutting machine tool, metal mainly the component of function of; of machine tool of high-grade numerical control in the bed wants accessory of machine tool of; of component of function of the high speed that in developing mainly, machine tool of high-grade numerical control is badly in need of, efficient, high accuracy, high reliability to want to develop mainly pair, and the servo electric machinery of form a complete set, main shaft electric machinery, component of electric main shaft, linear electric machinery, pitching moment electric machinery.