Advanced cutting tool is numerical control machine tool neces

Published on 2018-08-13

In recent years, also innovating ceaselessly as the industry of machine tool of development our country of science and technology, and if cutting tool of our country machine tool wants health to develop continuously, be about to transform development means, raise production level. Those who move toward heavy level, of high additional cost, the manufacturing industry of green environmental protection. According to calculating, the cutting tool 2011 uses up our country to be 39- about 100 million RMBs, grow about 13% than 2010, the domestic cutting tool that uses up among them is 27 billion yuan of RMBs about, still more insufficient than growing 2010 4% ; And the entrance cutting tool that use up is 12 billion yuan of RMBs about, grow about 25% than 2010.
Our country is big country of the production of hardware tool and exit, in the dynamoelectric tool that sells in the whole world, be produced from our country and the majority is exported. Although scale of industry of industry of our country tool is larger, but because technical innovation ability slants structure of weak, market force of too onefold, brand is weaker wait for an element, a lot of cutting tool produce an enterprise to often lack core competition ability, product technology low end, do hard do greatly strong.
Researcher Luo Baihui expresses, advanced cutting tool is the main part with numerical control essential machine tool, but the cutting tool that domestic tool business manufactures and abroad’s advanced cutting tool photograph is compared, put in very big difference. Our country machinery uses standard cutting tool in great quantities in manufacturing industry production, and the developed country uses efficient and advanced cutting tool in great quantities, this causes our country to machine efficiency far under the developed country. Business of production of our country tool still is in now cutting tool of many manufacturing tradition standard, even works of a few small-sized tools still is in mass-produced cheap cutting tool, these low tip pivot have throw on the market, not only without the market, can reduce the development level of whole industry instead. Contemporary and efficient cutting tool should realize efficient, high accuracy, high reliability, special sex namely, can offer the efficient treatment solution of a complete set of according to processing characteristic and work, this also is the practice of popularity of international tool industry.

But now more just selling a product however, this kind of idea must be changed, good cutting tool, the enterprise is after the treatment requirement that made clear an user, can help staff technology even, make one a complete set of machine plan, raised how many efficiency finally to be able to have compare in detail, and the user is to be accepted gladly such paid of the service, this at the same time also the another profit point of growth of enterprise of can yet be regarded as.
Machine tool itself can not bring value to the user, must help an user raise the utilization rate of the machine tool so, a of current presence general issue is the problem with machine tool low utilization rate, because how this makes the machine tool achieves its highest efficiency,the value needs an industry well consider, and the executant that cutting tool regards a machine tool as to machine the task, if do not go on cutting tool level, again high rotate speed also cannot produce effect.
From the point of the technical development trend of mechanical manufacturing industry, the proportion of the machine tool of efficient numerical control in our country factory will increase year after year henceforth, the demand of efficient and advanced cutting tool will subsequently mushroom, and the need quantity of traditional standard cutting tool reduces year after year. In addition, because our country labour cost increases, the price advantage that cheap standard cutting tool exports in will be lost gradually, export volume is sure to decrease subsequently. Grow in quantity of demand of advanced to numerical control machine tool cutting tool this one current situation, luo Baihui points out, the tool industry of our country must change a concept, expand the production of efficient and advanced cutting tool energetically, noting sales volume while, should value after service more, innovate hard own more market share.