Our country makes equipment line of business develop a stress

Published on 2019-07-02

In the descent with modern very fast science and technology all trades and professions more or less be developed an effect by its technology, equipment production industry needs the tide that here technology of the follow closely below case develops, develop new technology, new product.

The main and long-term goal of machine tool production technology is with a view to improves productivity and treatment quality all the time. But in last few years, of the buildup as environmental protection consciousness and rich in short supply with each passing day, the to the sources of energy, resource significant benefit in order to in producing a course and the role with reduce pollution to be being acted in the design concept of the machine tool more and more important.

Suzhou is overcome because of be able to bear or endure this limited company of numerical control machine tool thinks in every case belongs to precision to ask to be mixed higher the spare parts with fine requirement of exterior surface roughness, the method that needs to use cutting on the machine tool commonly undertakes be machininged finally. Make in average machine in, the treatment workload that machine tool place loads occupies a machine to always make the 40%-60% of workload, the machine tool is having major effect in the construction of national economy modernization.

And at present, the high-grade demand as industrial product is higher and higher, relevant company is higher and higher also to the requirement of the machine tool, its machine tool will grow the direction that is the mainstream to also make clear with high-end machine tool henceforth, the market sale status after its technology content will decide the machine tool is in directly.

Suzhou is overcome because of be able to bear or endure this limited company of numerical control machine tool is machine tool of a professional sale, cutting tool, measure, instrument, the service brand company of accessory. Head office held water 2002, always invest 50 million yuan of RMBs, cover an area of a face to accumulate 38900 much square metre, have the machine tool exhibition hall of 6600 square metre, the storage area of 8600 square metre and the omnibus office building of 9000 square metre.

Overcome because of be able to bear or endure this devote oneself to international, the sale of domestic brand machine tool, management reachs client servive routine, have the sale of many 60 high quality, manage kimono Wu talented person, long-term since with Shenyang machine tool, kunming machine tool, shanghai machine tool, weigh numerical control together, nantong science and technology, day water spark, dark essence machine, 3 water chestnut, shanteweike, the close a hunderd schools such as Cai Si is domestic and international famous machine tool, cutting tool, measure, instrument brand established long-term and friendly collaboration relationship.

Long-term since, overcome because of be able to bear or endure this pay attention to brand construction and sale service to supervise the work very, the attestation of system of ISO9001 quality management that obtained national authority orgnaization to issue early or late and ISO14001 environment manage the attestation such as the system. Be in at the same time general management, sale service ability and quality respect got very big rise, to because be able to bear or endure,be overcome this develop continuously laid solid foundation. More delectable is, overcame because of be able to bear or endure 2009 this already signed dimension formally to manage cooperative project with base of national level high standard, this collaboration will be all-around rise to be overcome because of be able to bear or endure this sale, service, run ability. Because be able to bear or endure,let overcome Si Zhen to becoming Suzhou and circumjacent area thereby the strategic supplier of broad client, become the client’s assistant, create collective value hand in hand with the client.