Shandong asks for time machine 40 years to grind one sword to

Published on 2019-07-02

Recently, the reporter visited a company on earth of Campagna of Shandong heart city — built a factory to changed 1998 1958 make up to now concentrated the civilian battalion business that pursues machine tool accessory making — Inc. of machine of time of Shandong ask forring.
Here the office building that what the reporter sees is air, modern workshop, the treatment facilities of high-grade, those who exhibit the product of the room to show a reporter is amazed, walk into a workshop in more the spiritual outlook that those who make a reporter open-eyed is the equipment that the intelligence that the company transforms independently turns and neat environment and employee.
The concept that company president Zhang Ping mixes more let a reporter touch unceasingly, he says: “Come 47 years from the job that take a plant, hold to to all the time, make high-quality goods namely, start famous brand, build world top-ranking business, no matter how is difficulty mixed hardships, must build an as top-ranking as the world equipment to make a state the equipment high-quality goods that German photograph contends, the accessory of machine tool core him China rushs to wait for advanced country into Germany, dream in order to achieve oneself nation ” .

The dream comes true

The dream of Zhang Ping and president had come true. Up to now till, change tool carrier, punch knife handle of numerical control of the pinchcock head of this company own research and development, dynamic balancing, quickly to shape implement, the product such as workbench of dividing head of circular knife grinding machine of head of accurate flat-nose pliers, all-purpose boring, numerical control, numerical control, circumgyrate already sold as far as to the United States, England, France, Germany, Canada, southeast Asia, and by Germany the company judges Hoffman for ” optimal supplier ” , the product that collect time obtains quality of company of German luck Mu to avoid check. Dominant product already amounted to nearly 10 thousand kinds of more than 1000 24 old series, breed, norms, breed of the product in already making trade of accessory of countrywide machine tool most, norms the most complete, dimensions the arms of the person at the head of a procession with the biggest, the strongest competition ability. Tax of industrial production value, sales revenue, profit, exit is achieved collect wait for each economic norms to maintain two digit growth 5 years continuously, economic benefits aggregate index is for years continuously in industry of accessory of countrywide machine tool be among the best of candidates.
Come nearly ten years, the machinery that collect time innovates by right of powerful science and technology ability, fine product quality, good company reputation, reasonable product value, the product is to demand exceeds supply all the time, produce full load movement. Asset expanded close sixfold, crop expanded close decuple, economic benefits in successive years is climbed litre, company by little known Campagna county machinery plant, development becomes country of breed of product of industry of machine tool accessory the first, guild of accessory of Chinese machine tool is standing one of director units, obtain Shandong to save company of new and high technology, Shandong to save outstanding extroversion enterprise, Shandong to save innovation of science and technology company, shandong be awardinged saves famous brand product, Shandong to omit the name such as famous label, achieved production value 2011 100.3 million yuan, implementation profit tax 11.09 million yuan; Faced industry of machine tool accessory to glide on average 2012 below the circumstance of 40% , the company achieves production value 80.16 million yuan, implementation profit tax 15.1 million yuan. Was in in March 2012 Qi Lu equity is mandatory trade the center hangs out his shingle successfully appear on the market.

Successful recipe

The recipe with the successful machinery that collect time depends on one stands an accurate, target clear, direction the leading person with high end of sturdy, strategy, decision-making and careful, decisive layout mixes accurate, belief the leading group of cooperation of a solidarity, hold to from beginning to end ” it is with sincere letter this, quality starts a plant ” the guiding principle that manage a plant, hold to from beginning to end ” let benefit do not allow the market, depreciate not to fall quality ” sale is politic, hold to from beginning to end ” strong innovation of business big development, technology, talent is wide introduce, the concept does not shake ” business purpose, change ordinary for magical, answer the adverse element that all sorts of economy crises bring actively, rigid executive system is made in the respect such as talent, technology, production, qualitative check, sale, ensure each work segment is high grade and efficient, the largest window that what be worth to be carried particularly is the machinery that collect time depends on management and technology two big innovation, in Zhang Ping and two looking is an enterprise large wheel, lead all the time from beginning to end ask for time to be moved to van.
Catch management to innovate to be purchased in raw material namely, execute ” rate of exchange is purchased ” system, coequal price compares case of rate of exchange of quality, coequal quality, reduce product cost from fountainhead; Producing segment, execute decide a person with hillock, piece rate, more pay for more work; In qualitative check link, implement ISO9000 quality certification system strictly, pass ” check of self check, each other and only check ” 3 check system, father to close quality; On sale link, make full use of network, enlarge self-supporting exit scale, salesperson salary and sale link up with; According to client contract quantity and credit are spent, adopt price difference of A, B, C to make, press region composition, business of implantation sale agent, braid the sale network that covers the whole nation, outspread international market. On talent management, adopt recommend the talent strategy that combines with education, the key fosters technology of industry of one’s own profession to get military thing, build old, medium, blueness the echelon formation of technical qualified personnel of 3 union.

Stress technical innovation

It is to hold to ” start off before the others of business development, technology ” management concept, adopt throw every year take sales revenue the charge of research and development of 5.8% serves as puissant prop up. Develop new product ceaselessly, aim at an international market, development is had relatively the new product with capacious prospect of high-tech content, market.
2 it is to use new and high technology to change conventional technology, implementation is energy-saving fall bad news, carry fast synergism, reduce cost, promotion profit. Economic crisis is right 2012 collecting time is a good chance, the company developed dividing head of head of module type knife handle, accurate boring, small-sized numerical control 3 new products, extended market space greatly. 3 it is to be begun actively use international the treatment facilities of the technical reformation tradition of advanced innovation, equipment of chamfer of will traditional mill undertakes numerical control is transformed, form intelligence to change, by so one person operates a facility, realized one person operation 5 equipment, not only improved manufacturing efficiency, reduced manufacturing cost, and still reduced labor intensity. Ask for time to have research center of technology of project of city of state of center of technology of industry of heart state city, heart, Shandong to save now ” one look forward to one technology ” research center, have to specialization well-trainedly team of science and technology, have project technology personnel 360 more than person, have manufacturing facilities 800 (set) , those who have nicety examine measure an instrument 120 (set) , have nicety 10 thousand labour are shown, germany produces pneumatic of type of dynamic balancing machine, float to measure the advanced testing instrument such as appearance, for the technology innovation was offerred detect goodly method.
The grandiose blue print of the machinery that collect time makes the company into the equipment that has international competition ability most create brand company namely, found ” hundred years ask for time, billion to ask for time, world to collect time ” .