Industry of our country machine tool strives crucial componen

Published on 2019-07-02

At present industry of Chinese machine tool grows a of existence quite big question, it is medium high-end equipment, crucial component counts an import badly still, what domestic production makes is with medium, low end equipment is given priority to, this from will for a long time look is the healthy progress that goes against industry of Chinese machine tool. Our country machine tool makes enterprise otherwise break innovation, own research and development, strive crucial component and crucial technology are indigenous change.
1, it is a center with the client, quantity body is custom-built provide individual character service for the client
Industry of implementation machine tool makes a core that the service changes, want to be a center with the client namely, according to the client’s demand, quantity body is custom-built, provide the service of needs individuation actively for the client.
2, fulfil two change shirt-sleeve strategy, the informatization that accelerates machine tool enterprise is transformed
Want to hold to new-style industrialized road, advance informatization and industrialized confluence energetically. Development equipment manufacturing industry also must use IT and new and high technology actively, to comprehensive informatization stride. Machine tool company should undertake informatization is transformed actively, the automation that implements production process and flexible change, zoology is changed, individuation, diversification.
3, perfect industry catenary, the configuration that increases resource and business of use efficiency machine tool should fit market demand change
The form a complete set of the product such as perfect and heavy-duty, large machine tool develops, form perfect industrial chain, make for national energy resources, shipping, aviation of metallurgy, spaceflight, war industry, traffic is carried wait for pillar industry to offer strong prop up.
4, dimensions changes development, raise the dependability of the product, stability and precision
Want to have world competition ability truly, the enterprise must have certain dimensions. Measure of industry of Chinese machine tool is at present numerous, outside waiting for a few enterprise except Shenyang machine tool, Dalian machine tool, enterprise of great majority machine tool is put generally in the state of affairs with little scope, caused resource dispersive, industry spends competition ability of poor, whole to lose centrally, be the same as make a stand against of foreign large company hard. The resource conformity that accelerates machine tool industry and enterprise recombine, build the machine tool company that has certain dimensions.