Dark blue city examines quarantine bureau aids machine tool o

Published on 2019-07-02

A few days ago, city of classics Heibei dark blue examines quarantine bureau certificate of proof, the numerical control planer-type milling machine that Heibei sends the goods that limited company of machine tool of that numerical control produces to be worth 234 thousand dollar is sent smoothly toward Latvian republic, fill the blank that product of machine tool of door of dragon of numerical control of dark blue state exports.

Because be to be exported first, bureau of dark blue state is all-around help enterprise fathers to close quality, for the enterprise long-term development lays solid foundation. It is to make good policy conduct propaganda. Numerical control machine tool is belonged to bring into exit quality clearance to manage a product, will receive company exit to seek advice in August from last year begin, in the light of exit the policy such as the experiment of quality clearance, type, classification management, production that stick a card asks to communicate file spirit actively to the enterprise, guide an enterprise to know a way abide by the law, improved the efficiency that company product exports, it is those who build harmony to execute the law condition of environmental creation foundation. 2 it is to father to close product quality. Numerical control machine tool is to fly check goods newly, height of bureau of dark blue state takes seriously. Active collect is relevant product standard, formulate examines plan, had made original record. Officer director takes a gleam of of team development company to undertake examining personally, right in examining, discover do not accord with a country the project that compulsive standard asks points out one by one, direct company rectifies and reform direction clearly, for the enterprise seasonable and successful outcome does good safeguard work. 3 it is to offer opinion proposal. After industrial power waiting to level of huge unfavorable balance of trade, technology has very big difference to product of our country machine tool and heart, day in understanding, leader of bureau of dark blue state develops way to further change, adjust product of product structure, promotion quality of additional cost, perfect product, strengthened the problem such as after service to offer relevant proposal.