Sheet of new revise and enlarge still loses situation of trad

Published on 2019-07-02

According to statistic of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool, to this year March, sheet of new revise and enlarge of business of connection of stress of industry of Chinese machine tool is successive already 22 months enjoy growth. Statistic shows, 2012, production value of 7 small industries, crop all loses machine tool tool now growth, among them, gold cuts production value of machine tool, figuration machine tool to glide compared to the same period 17.9% , 7% .

Recently, chen Huiren of deputy secretary-general of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool expresses, situation of trade of our country machine tool does not have clear improvement, machine tool new revise and enlarge is odd in March before this year still maintain negative growth.

Notable is, take hard at order in domestic company worry, while the day is sad, the market performance that imports product of machine tool tool grabs an eye. According to statistic, home market of machine tool of treatment of homebred 2012 metal is had rate drop 1.8 percent, market of numerical control machine tool is had rate drop a percent. Among them, as machine tool tool the gold of absolutely brunt cuts product of of all kinds entrance the machine tool imported the forehead to still grow 6.03% 2012. Additional, the advantage on technology of have the aid of, management, service, tycoon of tool of numerous and abroad machine tool is marching by market of Xiang Zhongduan of high-end product market.

Job of our country machine tool already had gone high speed to grow period. 2012, suffer the effect of a variety of international home elements, environment of market of machine tool estate produced marked change: Demand gross drops significantly, demand structure upgrades quickly. Regard machine tool industry as the biggest market, dimensions of measure of market of our country machine tool is in atrophic, to the machine tool class and level are in the demand of the product to promote quickly however. Machine tool enterprise is car, plane, ship, spaceflight, generate electricity wait for an industry to supply equipment, the industry that wants to satisfy these industries upgrades demand, level of research and development of machine tool product must promote ceaselessly.

To get used to the change of market environment, resolve contradiction of supply and demand, seek the way that can develop continuously, enterprise of our country machine tool entered the development new level that transition upgrades. The personage inside course of study expresses: “In low end product productivity is greatly superfluous, high-end product productivity is not worth badly, if do not quicken transition to upgrade, do not take order form, the enterprise does not have a meal to eat. ” on the fair of China International machine tool that holds in the near future, reporter discovery, to how transition upgrades, to what direction transition, company of a few home had stepped the pace of exploration.

Between ginseng exhibition period, machine tool industry is gotten army enterprise Shenyang machine tool rolls out intelligence equipment ETC3650h, ” market an ingenious military move ” BRIO series, ASCAMILL T-2560w 3 taste newly be paid close attention to generally by industry. ETC3650h embarking intelligence changes motion to control a system — system of I5 numerical control, in order to operate more convenient, process designing more relaxed, defend more convenient, management simpler advantage, exploration intelligence is changed make new way. And with research and development of Xi Menzi collaboration ” market an ingenious military move ” BRIO series product, hold a low cost and high-powered advantage concurrently, build what be a center with the client to create new pattern with this compose. ASCAMILL T-2560w high speed uses diplodocus door machining center is current home reachs world advanced level exclusively use diplodocus door machining center product, already reached German VDI/DQ344 level.

A series of innovation achievement appear centrally, reflected the determination that transition of Shenyang machine tool upgrades and actual strength. Annual investment of several yuan scientific research capital, with international enterprise buy collaboration, interior energetically integrated, let Shenyang machine tool have the actual strength of market of machine tool of stand erect world; Comply with phasic change, accelerate change to develop way, exert oneself realizes innovation drive, can drive an enterprise to develop to go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

The exploration of Shenyang machine tool should can develop a few reference to enterprise of domestic machine tool. Face current market situation, business of machine tool industry needs active transition to upgrade. And platform of technology of devoid foundation general character, research and development and industrial catenary are propped up, it is the main reason that lets transition upgrade to flow easily at the form. The transition of the enterprise, should with pledging high, efficient, high end is direction, it is with the technology prop up, build platform, form the system of research and development of lasting effect. Specific for, develop a product around the client on one hand, improve technology, satisfy market demand, want to take sea labour, spaceflight seriously to wait for high-end equipment market especially; On the other hand, one of core targets that insist to regard transition as to upgrade the market competition ability of high-grade product in rising, accelerate breakthrough core technology, make product precision is in maintain the respect such as gender, stability, dependability to get the user is approbated truly, want to pass the industrialization that accelerates technical innovation gain and commercialization especially, solve machine tool of homebred high end and photograph of entrance machine tool to compare thoroughly ” god of be similar in shape is like ” problem, drive an industry to enter continuously, reason, stable growth phase. In addition, the industry that promotes scientific research achievement is changed rate, 2 development that strengthen pair of high end products also should be the task that machine tool enterprise wants exert oneself to solve.